900H Walk-Behind Stump Grinder/Cutter


900H Walk-Behind Stump Cutter/Grinder

The 900 Series stump grinder is the best choice when maximum portability and minimal initial investment are considerations. Design objectives for the 900 were ease of operation and low maintenance resulting in a machine that is both easy to use and very reliable.

The 900 Series Walk-Behind Stump Cutter utilizes industry standard cutter teeth, which makes replacement simple and very cost effective. Its small size coupled with its commercial grade construction and strong performance make the J.P. Carlton 900 a perfect choice for rental companies and top professionals alike.



Name Carlton 900H
SKU 10014
Manufacturer Carlton
Engine options 13 HP Honda
Cutter depth below ground 9″
Cutter height above ground 21″
Number of teeth on cutter wheel 12
Cutter wheel diameter with teeth 12 1/4″
Cutter wheel thickness ½” Blanchard ground
Cutter wheel bearings 1 1/4″
Fuel tank capacity 1.59 gallons
Tire size 4.10-3.50
Machine width 24″
Machine height 44″
Machine length 77″
Total weight 220 lbs.

9ooH Manual Download