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Garden Cultivators

There are many different types of garden tillers available. Garden tillers are often referred to as rotavators, tillers and garden cultivators, rear tine tillers, garden diggers and more! Our basic garden tillers are the rotor driven type which offers excellent value for money. And also saves a lot of backbreaking digging and raking.

Rear Tine Tillers

However, my preferred type of machine is the wheel-driven type. This type of rotavator are often known as rear tine tillers. They are more user-friendly and generally a more professional type of machine. Although, recently, some good quality budget wheel driven rotavators have come on the market. Which are sensibly priced and are ideal for the keen gardener and allotment holder. I appreciate that many of us are working on a budget, if you can stretch to a rear tine tiller, you won’t regret it.

Professional gardeners and landscapers more often use rear tine tillers. Over the past few years, more budget machines have arrived on the market, allowing keen gardeners and allotment holders to purchase such a machine.

Rotor Driven Tillers

The most popular type of garden tillers or garden cultivators is the rotor driven type. These rotor driven tillers can vary in size from micro tillers to machines up to 1 m in digging width.

The majority of the rotor driven garden tillers are powered by a petrol engine, although electric models are available. I prefer the petrol type since they generally have more power and can work anywhere, providing you have petrol!

Many of the rotor driven tillers now have a forward and reverse speed and some models have several forward speeds. It’s definitely worth purchasing a machine with a reverse gear as this makes manoeuvrability much more comfortable and more straightforward. Traditionally rotor driven garden tillers only had a forward speed, this meant having to drag the machine out of corners and in awkward places. The reverse gear really does help to make the rotavator much easier to use.

A Wide Range Of Garden Tillers and Rotavators

At Garden Equipment Review we have a range of garden tillers and rotavators to suit everyone’s need and budget. If you are looking for a budget rear tine garden tiller, it’s worth taking a look at the Feider Pro rear tine tiller. If you are looking for a more professional rear tine tiller, then it’s worth taking a look at the Bertolini two-wheeled tractor. These machines have the added adaptability of handling different kinds of attachments, including a rotary cultivator.

Micro Tillers

On the other end of the scale, we have the very small micro tillers that are ideal for hoeing between vegetable crops and are excellent in flower and shrub borders. The micro tillers are available in petrol and electric models. I personally find the petrol models much easier to use as it’s not easy to have a trailing cable catching on plants and shrubs.

Don’t underestimate a micro tiller; I personally use a Mantis classic deluxe 4 stroke tiller/cultivator. These machines are excellent for hoeing and keeping your flower and shrub borders tidy. They also have great digging and tilling capabilities.

Electric Garden Tillers

We also have a range of smaller electric tillers, as I mentioned, I prefer the petrol type due to the trailing lead. However, some customers prefer to go the electric route as there is minimal maintenance on an electric motor. Mantis make an excellent micro tiller which is very similar to the four-stroke petrol-engined version. The Mantis machines may be small, but they have excellent capabilities and are well made.

Leading Brands Of Garden Tillers

We supply all leading brands of cultivators, tillers and Rotavators. Our popular manufacturers include Stiga, Oleo-Mac, MTD, Honda, Masport, Alko, Feider, Cobra and many more.

Many of our garden cultivators are available for next day delivery.

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