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Bandit 3590XL 1,200 HP Whole Tree Chipper

Now here’s something a little bit different from your ordinary garden Chipper, let me introduce you to the Bandit 3590XL 1,200 HP Whole Tree Chipper.


Bandit 3590XL 1,200 HP Whole Tree                                         Chipper


The New Chipper Outperformed The Old Chipper

Fuel economy, productivity and uninterrupted flow of water through the chipper are a very successful factor of running a whole tree chipper operation.

The logging crew from Nelson Forest Products were easily keeping a 26-inch capacity, 765 hp chipper from a competitive chipper manufacturer fed with whole trees.

Looking at there situation, they realise that they could cut more wood than they had the capacity to chip. This is when they discovered the Bandit 3590XL 1,200 HP Whole Tree Chipper. The bandit chipper has an extra 435 hp on the previous model, a considerable increase in power.

The Bandit chipper has more than doubled their production and they can fill 50 foot, 30-ton lorries in 6 to 10 minutes.


Search Ebay For Wood Chippers
       Search eBay For Wood Chippers


Fuel consumption

The prior owner of the company said “what has amazed us, is that we are only consuming 8 gallons of fuel per load, which is what we were getting with our previous chipper!”

The owner of bandit industries said that “We are proud to build a whole tree chipper this efficient. We are also proud of the fact that this chipper doesn’t discharge chips under the feed system. This can increase yield by approximately 5%, which is like getting another dollar per tonne!”

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Nelson Forest products have been in business since the early 1980s with more than 30 years in the logging industry. The company now employs eight people and works in the Minnesota forests.

Many of their jobs include land clearance, logging and chip production, jobs can last for a few days or a few weeks on various sites. The previous machine was doing everything that they needed, the only problem I had was that it was just taking too long to get the job done!


Bandit Whole Tree Chipper
Bandit Whole Tree Chipper


The owner of Nelson Forest products said “what is most impressive about the bandit 3590 XL is that there are no hiccups when you feed the chipper. Everything flows smoothly through it. You’re not fighting the wood to feed it through the chipper. Rarely do you have to trim the trees to push them through the bandit chipper.”

“With the old chipper, we were fighting wood. The loader chipper would feed the old chipper and would go and get another grapple load of wood. And then the wood would hang up in the chipper and he would need to set down the wood in the grapple and sort out the blocked wood in the chipper, very time-consuming indeed!”

What sets the Bandit 3590XL apart is the unbelievable non-stop production. This machine was custom-built for Nelson Forest products. This Bandit 3590XL if the first model powered by a Caterpillar 1200 hp diesel engine and features a 48” x 36” diameter chipper opening.


Bandit Whole Tree Chipper Loading
     Bandit Whole Tree Chipper Loading


It also features a five wheel feed system. The feed system has amazing crushing power, two top wheels sit on a diagonal that pull the trees into the chipper. This also provides a great service area for pulling the trees into the chipper.

The owner of the chipper said “When you are not waiting on the chipper, it is amazing how much more efficiently we operate. We have cut our load times down from twenty minutes to six to ten minutes. Our loaders rarely have to wait to drop their loads at the chipper and we don’t have to empty trailers or truck drivers sitting idle, waiting to be loaded. All that time really adds up over the course of a day.”

“The one guy that I don’t mind being idle, is the guy feeding the chipper, so long as the rest of the operations are running as planned. He was always busy with their older chipper!”

Lower costs

The lower fuel costs, greater chip yield and more efficiency easily offset the cost of a new chipper! Now they are racing to keep trucks next to the chipper as the output is increased greatly.


  • Clean feed system
  • Dual hydraulic feed wheel lift cylinders
  • Radio remote control /w tether backup
  • Reversing auto feed
  • Slide Box Feed System w/ 5 feed wheels (3 horizontal, 2 vertical)
  • Stationary discharge with adjustable chip deflector
  • Optional micro chip drum
  • Optional proportional feed system
  • Optional operator cab w/ loader


Machine weights, feed rates, and other specifications are approximate and will vary depending on options selected.
All specifications are subject to change.

Standard Metric
Capacity 36 in 91.44 cm
Average Trailer Load Time 6-10 min
Opening 48 in  x  36 in 121.92 cm  x  91.44 cm
Width 142 in 360.68 cm
Height 149 in 378.46 cm
Length 522 in 1325.88 cm
Weight 76000 lbs 34473.02 kg
Feed Rate 90 ft/min 27.43 m/min
Fuel Tank 350 gl 1324.89 l
Hydraulic Tank 200 gl 757.08 l


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Masport 6.5XL Petrol Chipper Shredders


Masport 6.5XL Petrol Chipper Shredder
Masport 6.5XL Petrol Chipper Shredder

The Masport  6.5XL  petrol chipper shredders has been tried and tested with many garden enthusiasts over the years. If you are serious about recycling garden material and putting the nutrients back into your vegetable patch and flower garden. Then these Masport petrol chipper shredders could be for you.

Masport petrol chipper shredders create a very fine garden mulch or your prunings leaves and small branches can be put through the chipper shredder.

You Can See More Petrol Chippers And Shredders Here


Safety Equipment

Safety and care are always important with any garden machinery, never take risks with machinery.

Safety is paramount when it comes to garden machinery, Masport recommends that safety wear is used at all times. When operating we recommend earmuffs or plugs, safety glasses or chainsaw type helmet and decent gloves. I normally use welding gloves which are in general thicker than the average garden glove and almost thornproof.


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Masport Shredder Flails

How Is The Shredding Carried Out?

Let’s have a look at how the shredding is carried out. The Masport petrol shredder has nine flail type blades that are mounted on three rotors.

In case you’re wondering what flail is; flails are often used to cut extremely rough grass and hedges. They can often be seen cutting roadside verges and trimming hedges. Due to the strong build of flail hedge cutters, they are able to remove several years growth of hedge in one pass. Having said this it is much better to cut your hedge every year. I will write more on this subject in another blog post.

As the flail spins at high speed nine flails smashed the material into small pieces and then drive it through a grate which is mounted at the bottom of the shredder. The small holes in the grate are why the mulch is so fine and therefore will break down into a usable mulch or compost. Apparently, the mulch is broken down much more on the Masport shredder than some of its competitors.


                 Masport Chipper Blades


Chipper Blades

On the side of the rotor, there are two chipper blades which are for chipping larger branches. These blades are used for chipping larger material that is to tough to go through the shredder.

                  Briggs And Stratton Engine


Engine Sizes

Masport users a range of four-stroke petrol engines to power their chipper shredders. They come in various levels of power to suit each application.

The engine being used for this demonstration in the video is a 6 hp 205 cc Briggs & Stratton four-stroke engine. I have had many machines fitted with Briggs & Stratton engines over the years and I have to say that I have had very few problems. I’m guessing that Briggs & Stratton are probably the larger small engine manufacturer in the world. This also means that they have a great deal of network for spare parts and servicing.

The Briggs & Stratton engine drives a V belt which in turn drives the blade rotor system. This drive system is more tolerant to load, if the blades do jam, the belt can then slip. This, therefore, reduces the chances of any engine damage all moving components due to sudden stops.

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MTD 463 3-in-1 Petrol Chipper-Shredder
MTD 463 3-in-1 Petrol Chipper-Shredder

Let’s See The Masport Chipper Shredder Running

Before you start the engine it’s always good to check the oil and fuel level. Make sure that the area around the oil filler cap and petrol Is spotlessly clean as any dirt entering into the engine can cause problems and shorten the life of the engine. It always handy to have a clean rag to keep these areas clean as after a period of time would dust and debris will build up.



                    Starting The Engine

Starting The Engine

Make sure you have the correct grade of fuel in your engine before you start. Turn the switch on the engine to on, move the choke lever to closed and the throttle lever to fast. (You may not need the throttle lever flat out, the reason I say this, is that I don’t like cold engine to be revving hard.)

Gently but firmly take hold of the starter cord and pull the engine should start running. After a few seconds turn off the choke as the engine should be warm enough to run. I would leave the engine a couple of minutes to warm up before engaging any blades into operation. Remember that the machine is operated at maximum governed revs when in use.


  Loading The Masport Chipper Shredder


Loading The Shredder

Let’s put some waste through the machine, you can see the mulch coming out very finely and are ready to compost.

Incidentally, the video shows a pile of small branches ready to shred. When stacking branches and prunings, make sure that they are all facing the same direction, it makes it much quicker to load your chipper shredder.

There are some leaves that are not suitable for the shredder, some materials act in different ways. For example, we wouldn’t recommend shredding flax or palm leaves or other similar fibrous leaves that can potentially clog up your machine. When shedding wet or fleshy types vegetation it is recommended that you mix with dry materials. The video shows a mix of green material and dry material going through the chipper together, this is a much more efficient way to spread your garden waste. Mixing the two materials will help the dry and wet materials go through your machine much easier. Practice makes perfect!

If wet vegetation is the primary use for the shredder we would recommend you use an optional bar grate. Using this larger bar grate much reduces the chances of a blockage due to the larger holes.


Clearing A Blockage On The Masport                                 Shredder Chipper



If your shredder should get jammed Masport has designed and easy access to clear your machine. Make sure and turn off the engine, remove the R clip and the pin and the grate drops down. Once the grate has dropped down and a blockage cleared, just lift the grate up, slide the pin through and secure with the R clip. You are now ready to go again!


The Masport Chipper Shredder Is Easy                             To Move Around


Moving The Chipper around

The Masport petrol chipper shredder is very easy to manoeuvre around your garden. It comes with pneumatic wheels and a rear handle. Tip the shredder simply forward or backwards and move to the required spot.


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Search eBay For Chippers And Shredders


The chipper shredder has a very safe hopper design, the extra height ensures that the operator does not come into contact with the spinning blade. This obviously reduces the operator’s chance of coming into contact with the spinning blade.


The easiest way to collect your mulch by far is simply to have a sheet with a handle in each corner. Simply place the machine onto the sheet and once you have a decent amount of mulch, simply remove the machine and gather up your mulch. I often use this type of sheet for grass clippings and general garden rubbish, it makes life a lot easier!

Where Is Masport Made?

Massport’s are proudly designed and manufactured in New Zealand and sold all over the world. Masport has been manufacturing garden equipment for over a century. In fact, Masport was established in 1910, which is 109 years of engineering.


  • 6HP 205cc B&S OHV Engine
  • 65mm / 2.6″ Capacity
  • 9 Metal Flails
  • Belt Driven
  • Weight 70kg

Please feel free to comment below.

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DR Power Self-Feeding Chippers

Today we are looking at the DR power self-feeding chippers. If you’re looking for a chipper for your garden or business, it makes life far easier having a self-feeding chipper. If you are looking for something smaller the MTD 463 3-in-1 Petrol Chipper-Shredder may be an option.


DR Premier B&S 11.50 Rapid Feed Petrol Chipper / Shredder
DR Premier B&S 11.50 Rapid Feed Petrol                     Chipper / Shredder


DR offers three models of self-feeding chippers, these models are dedicated chippers. These particular chippers do not include shredders as they are dedicated to the continuous use of wood chipping four hours of use.

These chippers are for large gardens and estates or contractors. As the video shows, it’s much harder work to feed a traditional garden shredder. However, the smaller garden shredders and chippers definitely have a use in gardens. Moreover they can be very beneficial for those of us who don’t have the budget or need for a larger self-feeding chipper.

DR Self-Feeding Design

The DR self-feeding design make sure that you do not have to do the hard work, the chipper does this for you! The chipper has a large flywheel with a knife attached directly to the flywheel which will fly through the hardest of woods. A large flywheel can bring huge amounts of power to any machine making the most use of engine power.

The vertically designed hopper and perfectly angled chipping knife combined with airflow draw branches in and throw wood chippings out. Once you have pushed the branch into the machine the DR chipper will pull the branch through and make it instantly into chippings, in the meantime, you can be collecting your next branch for chipping.

The large hopper enables smaller side branches to be pushed through without pruning, saving time and effort. All models have side discharge chutes and the larger models have extending tubes which enables you to load your truck or trailer. This allows you to direct the chips to exactly where you want them for easy disposal.

Three Different Models

The three models differ in two primary ways; the first being the size of the engine, the second being the size of the flywheel. The rotating mass of a flywheel is the chippers power source, the greater the mass of the flywheel, the greater the mass of the chipper.

On early internal combustion engines, the power source came from the flywheel, carrying it over to the next stroke, which kept the engine moving. A 2 hp engine was massive in today’s standards compared with a 2 hp engine 100 years ago. It’s the same principle with the chipper flywheel, it keeps the power going.

DR Premier B&S 11.50 Rapid Feed Petrol Chipper / Shredder
DR Premier B&S 11.50 Rapid Feed Petrol                     Chipper / Shredder

DR 11.5 Wood Chipper Recoil Start

DR’s smallest self-feed chipper model is powered by an 11.5 hp Briggs & Stratton easy start engine with overhead valves. It turns a 25ibs, 14-inch flywheel which will chip up branches up to 3 and three-quarter inch diameter (9.5 cm), smoothly and easily. You can also add a towing point which makes it easy to transport around your garden.

Technical Data

Chipping Diameter Capacity 3.75″ (9cm) softwood 2.75″ (7cm) hardwood
Chipper Hopper Opening 14.5″ x 23.5″ (36 x 59cm)
Flywheel 14″ (35.5cm) 11.3kg
Engine Type Briggs & Stratton OHV
Engine Start Manual
Cylinder Displacement 250cc
Ft Lbs Torque 11.5
Cylinder One
Air Filter Dual Element
Lubrication Splash
Fuel Capacity 2.8Litre
Dimensions (L x W x H) 43.75″ x 21″ x 45″ (111 x 53 x 114)
Weight 74.3kg
Warranty 2 Year Residential Warranty


DR Pro B&S 16.50 Rapid Feed Petrol Chipper / Shredder
DR Pro B&S 16.50 Rapid Feed Petrol Chipper / Shredder

DR 16.5 Wood Chipper

The mid-level wood chipper brings 40% more power with a 16.5 hp Briggs & Stratton engine which brings plenty of torque. This engine is available with electric start or recoil start, the choice is yours.

The 16.5 hp model has a 50Ib flywheel, which makes short work of chipping hardwood branches up to 4 ¾ inches thick. It also has the optional adjustable chipping shoot which enables you to direct your chippings wherever you require them.

This particular model also comes supplied with a towing point which enables the chipper to be moved around your garden at ease with your ATV or ride-on lawnmower. There is also an optional road towing kit which enables you to safely transport your chipper to anywhere it is required. This enables you to tow at speeds of up to 45 mph.

Technical Data

Chipping Capacity 4.75″ (12cm) Diameter
Chipper Hopper Opening 17″ x 27″ (43 x 68cm)
Flywheel 17.75″ (45.5cm) 22.6kg
Engine Type Briggs & Stratton OHV
Engine Start Manual
Cylinder Displacement 420cc
Ft Lbs Torque 16.5
Cylinder One
Air Filter Dual Element
Lubrication Splash
Fuel Capacity 2.8Litre
Dimensions (L x W x H) 79″ x 30.5″ x 50.5″ (200cm x 77cm x 128cm)
Weight 122.5 kg
Warranty 2 Year Residential Warranty
DR Pro XL ES 21.00 Rapid Feed Petrol Chipper / Shredder
DR Pro XL ES 21.00 Rapid Feed Petrol                        Chipper / Shredder


DR 21.0 Electric Start Wood Chipper

The DR 21.0 electric start Wood Chipper is DR’s largest model which is powered by 21 hp Briggs & Stratton overhead valve engine, complete with electric start.

The 62.5 lbs of flywheel generates tremendous amounts of power which enables you to chip branches up to 5 ¾ inches thick which is more than enough for the average garden! This model will chip through branches with remarkable ease. With the optional adjustable discharge chute, you can chip to wherever you want and also angle the chips in the right direction to exactly where you want them.

The towing hitch is standard and you can also add an optional road towing hitch if required. The road towing kit enables you to tow your chipper at up to 45 mph.

You will struggle to find a larger chipper in this bracket before entering the heavy commercial much more expensive chippers.

Technical Data

Chipping Capacity 5.75″ (14.6cm) Diameter
Chipper Hopper Opening 19″ x 30.5″ (48 x 77cm)
Flywheel 20″ (50cm) 28.3kg
Engine Type Briggs & Stratton OHV
Engine Start Manual
Cylinder Displacement 420cc
Ft Lbs Torque 21.0
Cylinder One
Air Filter Dual Element
Lubrication Splash
Fuel Capacity 6.4 Litre
Dimensions (L x W x H) 86″ x 32.5″ x 58.25″ (218cm x 82cm x 148cm)
Weight 147.4 kg
Warranty 2 Year Residential Warranty


DR is confident that will be satisfied with your chipper, they offer a two-year peace of mind warranty on your chipper.

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Petrol Chipper-Shredder

MTD Chipper
MTD Chipper

The MTD 463 3-in-1 petrol chipper/shredder is a popular choice for keen gardeners. MTD Lawmflite makes a wide range of various chippers/shredders.

The MTD 463 is no longer available to purchase new, however, various MTD machines can be found second hand on eBay.

The Mtd Lawnflite Brand first came into the United Kingdom, back in 1976. Lawnflite is a trading name of E P Barrus Ltd, a Great British Company founded in 1917. Barrus has an unrivalled reputation for marketing and manufacturing quality machinery for a wide range of markets. Barrus is the ‘Power Behind many Brands’.

They have many different garden machinery products to suit every need of the gardener and professional landscaper.

You can also see our range of new chippers and shredders here.

Garden Shredder Reviews

Looking at the garden shredder reviews for the MTD look quite good and it seems like parts are readily available. You can see our various spare parts section on our website here.

When purchasing an MTD chipper shredder, try and find a machine with a known engine brand. There are a few engines that for example may look like a Honda, but are a type of Chinese copy. These engines can sometimes be problematic and have carburettor issues. It’s always important to have a machine that spare parts are readily available and of reasonable quality. It’s also much more convenient to have a petrol chipper rather than an electric chipper as they can be used anywhere in the garden without having to worry about a power supply.

More information on the MTD chipper shredder

This superior-quality chipper-shredder from MTD is fantastically well-engineered and offers three feed-in options: there is a 46cm x 46cm chipper-chute for branches up to 50mm in diameter; a shredder-hopper for dropping-in armfuls of leaves etc; and a rake-in chute that will spare your back as you won’t have to keep bending down to pick-up debris.

The MTD 463 3-in-1 Petrol Chipper-Shredder is equipped with two hardened-steel chipper-blades that turn branches into ideally sized woodchips; and 12 reversible and replaceable flail-hammers that pound less woody material until it is the perfect consistency for speedy composting (the reduction ration is an impressive 10:1).

It is powered by a 5.5hp overhead-valve engine from Briggs & Stratton, so dependable and fuel-efficient performance is assured; and the housing is made from 13-gauge steel, so accidental impact won’t prove a problem. Other key features include a very large-capacity collection-bag, which, when the reduction-ratio is considered, will take a huge amount of mulch; and large wheels with pneumatic tyres for easy transport and stability during use.