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Orec HRC802B Tracked Pedestrian Flail Mower

Orec HRC802B Tracked Pedestrian Flail Mower
Orec HRC802B Tracked Pedestrian Flail                                      Mower


Here we have a video of the Orec HRC802B Tracked Pedestrian Flail Mower. This is a compact tracked pedestrian machine is powered by a Honda 10 hp engine. It’s a great machine for clearing overgrown areas, coping with slopes and banks and long grass etc.



Search For Pedestrian Flail Mower On EBay
Search For Pedestrian Flail Mower On eBay


The video shows the operator working on a steep bank, unfortunately, the weather was wet making the bank very slippery. However, the week before the flail mower had literally cut down all the overgrown brambles leaving it finely mulched. You can see a few brambles that have been left uncut where the machine couldn’t reach. Literally, the whole site was covered in these brambles.


Orec HRC802B Tracked Pedestrian Flail Mower


The Orec HRC802B Tracked Pedestrian Flail Mower made an excellent job of mulching the brambles and literally clearing the area. The long-term plan of this overgrown area is to keep flailing the area and to keep it under control. Then in early spring broadcast, some grass seed, then with the regular mowing or flailing the grass should be the dominant plant.


Orec HRC802B Tracked Pedestrian Flail Mower


Advantages Of A Flail Mower

I have always liked the idea of a flail mower, several years ago I used to own a Turner hydrostatic pedestrian flail mower. Once again, the principal was great for overgrown areas, something that a flail mower does extremely well. It amazes me how you can have an overgrown area, covered in brambles and nettles. Very quickly this area can be transformed into something fairly decent with very little cost and minimum effort.

One of the many advantages of a flail mower is the fact that it can withstand many more knocks than a traditional rotary mower. Although rotary mowers can be great for cutting down long grass, the problem arises when you hit a hidden obstacle like a tree stump. With a flail mower the flails will kind of bounce off the tree stump and not do any damage apart from possibly blunting the flails slightly. Whereas a rotary mower could end up with a bent blade or damaged disc depending on what type of rotary mower it is.


Orec HRC802B Tracked Pedestrian Flail Mower


Orec HRC802B Tracked Pedestrian Flail Mower

If you’re looking for a machine to cut long grass and overgrown areas on banks and on flat areas. Then the Orec HRC802B Tracked Pedestrian Flail Mower could be your answer!

This pedestrian Flail mower is powered by Honda 393cc GX340 engine, which develops over 10 hp. The machine has a gear drive with a three forward and one reverse speed. Having a low centre of gravity makes it very agile and easy to manoeuvre through tough terrain.

One of the great features of this machine is the ability to be able to control each track which gives excellent control when working on the flat. This feature is exceptionally useful when trying to keep the machine in a straight line on a steep bank.

To Conclude

If you have rough areas or overgrown areas and need a manoeuvrable rough-cut mower the Orec HRC802B Tracked Pedestrian Flail Mower could be your answer. The flail mower comes with a 10-year crankcase warranty which shows the company trust the product. This is an ideal machine for contractors, estate owners, smallholders and local authorities.

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Racing 62PR Ride-On Mower

Racing 62PR Ride-On Mower
      Racing 62PR Ride-On                            Mower


Today we are looking at the Racing 62PR Ride-On Mower, this is our cheapest ride on at £999! In other words, you get a lot of mower for your money!

As you know, I always like to buy the best machinery that I can afford, however, I know full well that we all have budgets. The Racing 62PR Ride-On Mower is a budget machine, which offers value for money. The great thing is that the customer reviews average 4.4/5 which is very good indeed.

Take A Look At The Excellent Customer Reviews



Racing 62PR Ride-On Mower
           Racing 62PR Ride-On Mower


Racing 62PR Ride-On Mower

So let’s take a look at the Racing 62PR Ride-On Mower. This is a very compact machine that has a 61 cm (approximately 25 inch) width cut, which makes it a highly compact machine in a smaller garden. Often with ride-on mowers, gateways and pathways can cause access problems, however, the Racing mower should be capable of going into most places.


Search Garden Tillers On EBay
      Search Ride On Mowers On eBay



A 196 cc 6.5 hp four stroke overhead valve engine powers the Racing 62PR Ride-On Mower. The electric start helps to make life easy and the fuel-efficient engine keeps fuel costs to a minimum. As with all engines make sure and follow the manufacturer’s instructions, keep the oil clean and change at the period stated in the manual. It’s far better to keep the oil clean and to wear an engine out.


Racing 62PR Ride-On Mower Height Adjuster
       Racing 62PR Ride-On Mower Height                                Adjuster


Variable Cutting Height

The Racing mower has a five-step height adjustment, the heights range from 30 – 70 mm, with this height range you have a cutting height for all seasons. One thing that I would recommend is to cut your lawn regularly. I see far too many people leaving the grass to grow far too long and then cutting the lawn too short.

In an ideal world, you only want to take a maximum of one-third of your grass at one time. So in other words, take no more than 33% of grass height of your lawn. This helps to keep your lawn looking healthy and helps keep your lawn looking good all year round. Within reason, the more regularly you can cut your lawn, the better.

Generous Grass Collector

Something that’s always an important factor is that the Racing 62PR Ride-On Mower has a generous 150 L collection bag. This is always an important feature on any mower, the larger the bag, the less time we lose when emptying the bag. Emptying the bag can be carried out from the operator’s seat.


Racing 62PR Ride-On Mower Underside
Racing 62PR Ride-On Mower Underside


Steel Deck

The 61 cm cutting deck is made from durable steel that should give long life. It’s always good to keep your deck clean for optimum cutting and collection efficiency. At the end of the season, it is not a bad practice to paint or spray your cutting deck with oil to preserve it.


Racing 62PR Ride-On Mower Gearbox
   Racing 62PR Ride-On Mower Gearbox



The majority of ride-on mowers today come with hydrostatic transmission, this type of transmission gives instant forward and reverse speeds. The hydrostatic transmission also gives you variable speeds, there is no need for a clutch. Normally you just have one lever for forward or reverse, or 2-foot pedals that offer forward and reverse. It really is the most efficient way to power a ride-on lawnmower. The great thing is if you come to a thick patch of grass you can quickly slow the machine down, no gear changing or patchwork, just instant forward and reverse!

Unfortunately, the Racing 62PR Ride-On Mower does not offer this hydrostatic drive feature. It has a gearbox with four forward and one reverse gear. Once again, we have two remember that this is a budget lawnmower, so we can’t have every single feature. However, the reviews really are excellent for a machine that costs under £1000!

Quick Delivery

Delivery can be the following working day, providing you order before 2 PM on a working day.

There’s also an assembly service available for £100. This is a service that I would probably seriously think about. The manufacturer claims it takes 30 minutes to an hour to assemble yourself.


  • A very compact ride on mower, ideal for the smaller garden.
  • Small enough to manoeuvre around obstacles.
  • Five-speed transmission.
  • Economical four-stroke engine.
  • Easily fits through a standard garden gate.
  • Electric start.
  • Large fuel tank.
  • Robust steel cutting deck.
  • A ride on mower for under £1000!
  • Next day delivery.
  • Optional assembly service.
  • Excellent reviews 4.4/5.


Racing 62PR Ride-On Mower
                           Ride-On Mower


Final Thoughts On The Racing Ride-On Mower

There are not many ride-on lawnmowers as cheap as the Racing 62PR Ride-On Mower. For a ride on mower which is under £1000, the reviews are excellent.

This Ride On Mower Comes With A Two-Year Warranty

For me, the biggest downside is the fact that the machine does not have hydrostatic transmission. It would be good if Racing made a hydrostatic version, maybe this will happen in the future.

If you are looking for a budget hydrostatic ride-on lawnmower it may be worth taking a look at our ride on mower category here.


Make Of Engine Racing

Type of Engine Petrol 4-stroke

Capacity Of Engine 196cc

Engine Power     6.5hp / 4.8kW @ 3600rpm

Number Of  Cylinders Single

Starting System         Electric Key Start

Transmission      Manual – 4 Forward / 1 Reverse

Drive Rear Wheel

Speed         Forward: 1.5-4.6km/h – Reverse: 2.3km/h

Cutting Width     61cm

Cutting Heights  30-70mm (5 Positions)

Height Adjustment      Lever

Blade Engagement (PTO)     Manual

Blades        Single

Grass Collector   150 Litres

Mulching   No

Side-Discharge   No

Headlights No

Wheels – Front    250mm

Wheels – Rear     325mm

Weight       136kg

Lawn Size   Up to 2000m2

Warranty   2 Years

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Toro Grandstand Multi-Force Stand On Power Unit

Toro Grandstand Multi-Force Stand on Power Unit
     Toro Grandstand Multi-Force Stand                               on Power Unit


I recently came across, what looks to be a great piece of machinery, the Toro Grandstand Multi-Force Stand on Power Unit. This is basically a stander zero turn mower which can take various attachments. According to Toro there are up to 10 different attachments available, I will go through the various attachments further on in this post.

As we know quality machinery isn’t cheap to purchase, we need to make the most out of our investment and purchase wisely. Over the years I’ve owned many different machines and I’ve often thought it’s a shame we can’t have one versatile power unit to power all of our machines. I know this is easier said than done, however, I believe that Toro may have partly fulfilled this dream.



About 12 years ago I purchased a Ferris 5061 inch zero turn lawnmower, it was great machine a friend of mine still using this zero turn commercially. If I remember correctly I paid £10,000 for this machine, it was an ex-demonstration model with about 80 hours on the clock. I think the list price at the time was about £20,000 for a brand-new machine, they are not cheap!

I always thought it would be a great idea if I could use this zero turn lawnmower to power other machinery. It seems like Toro have the answer, so let’s have a look at this machine.


Kohler EFI Engine
                   Kohler EFI Engine


Toro Grandstand Multi-Force Stand On Power Unit

The Toro Grandstand Multi-Force Stand On Power Unit is powered by a Kohler Command 26.5 hp 747cc EFI petrol engine. It is basically a stand on zero turn mower that takes a 60 inch cutting width deck. A smaller cutting deck is available. I’ve never actually owned a stander lawnmower, however, I have owned a walk-behind and ride-on zero-turn mowers. I really like the idea of the stander lawnmower for easy access. They certainly seem to be very popular at the moment.


Find Toro Grandstand Multi-Force On EBay
Find Toro Grandstand Multi-Force On                                        eBay


It is great that the Toro Grandstand Multi-Force Stand On Power Unit is able to do so many tasks. If you have not used a zero-turn lawnmower before, they are, in my opinion the most manoeuvrable and versatile machines on the market.

The Zero Turn Advantage

A zero turn lawn mower is powered by two hydraulic motors, the two individual motors are attached to the rear wheels individually. The two hydraulic motors are powered by a hydraulic pump which gives you instant forward and reverse on each rear wheel.

At the front of the machine there are two heavy duty caster wheels that can turn 360° which helps with the superb manoeuvrability.

Most zero turn lawnmowers are controlled by two levers, although there are a few zero terms that now offer a steering wheel. I haven’t actually used a zero-turn lawnmower with a steering wheel, however, I’d be interested to hear from anyone who has used this type of machine.

With the lever -type zero turn mowers, you simply have instant forward and reverse on each wheel. This means that the lawnmower can literally turn around on a sixpence. In my view, zero turn lawn mowers are the most manoeuvrable machines on the market. They are perfect for negotiating around shrubs, flower borders and trees, you are literally cutting continually with a zero-turn.

Just one thing with a zero turn mower, care needs to be taken when turning sharply as you can tear the turf if you’re not careful. With care practice, damaged the turf can almost be eliminated.




Removing The 60 Inch Cutter Deck

I wondered how straightforward it would be to remove the cutter deck and to add various accessories. However, from watching the video, it looks like Toro have made removing the cutter deck, really quite straightforward.

To remove the cutting deck, simply place to pieces of wood 2 x 4 underneath the cutting deck, this just helps to take the weight of the cutting deck. Then remove the pin from the deck adjustment lever simply low the lever so that the cutting deck rests on the two pieces of wood. Then you need to replace the pin to stop the deck lever springing back. After this there are eight bolts to remove and your cutting deck is removed.

Accessories For The Toro Pro Force Series Debris Blower

One of the best things about the Toro Grandstand Multi-Force Stand On Power Unit is that you can literally use this machine all year round for multiple tasking.




Blower Attachment

The blower attachment looks like a great piece of machinery. I wrote a blog post a few days ago about the Toro Pro Force Series Debris Blower. This really is a great piece of kit.

Once you have removed the cutting deck you can now attach the Turbine Pro Force Blower. The blower fits on a kickstand which helps to attach the blower in a straightforward way. There are two small wheels on the kickstand. Simply loosely attach the belt to the pulley and then lift the blower up and it will lock in position. The belt will then automatically be tensioned and ready for use. Then remove the two pins and flipped the guard over for the working position.

You Can See More Blowers And Vacuums Here


The Toro Grandstand Multi-Force Stand On Power Unit has a quick attach hydraulic hose system which enables attachments to be fitted quickly. It literally takes a couple of minutes to attach the Turbine Pro Force Blower. Once the blower is fitted you are ready to put the wind up those autumn leaves!

The blower develops 7800 CFM at full throttle, that’s quite a bit of air. The air chute can be moved hydraulically 360° this will enable you to move the debris where you want it to go and give you total control over the airflow.

Now let’s move on to winter……

The Boss Dozer Blade

Moving on to winter the Toro Grandstand Multi-Force Stand On Power Unit has a boss dozer blade that can be used to clear snow. The blade is 5 foot wide and made of poly with no rusting and no scratches!


Toro Grandstand Multiforce All Season Plow
Toro Grandstand Multiforce All Season                                      Plow


Attaching The Blade

The boss dozer blade or plough is easily attached to the power unit, it comes with a stand which makes for easy fitting. The machine has an easy fit system that has one hydraulic ram for up-and-down. And two more hydraulic rams for left and right control. Once again you have the quick attach hydraulic pipes to control the hydraulic rams.

LED Light Kit

There is an optional LED light kit that goes together with the blade or clearing plough. So when the days are short you aren’t restricted by daylight. There is a flashing light that can be fitted to this machine.


Snow tyres are available for this machine or if you prefer to stick with the regular grass tyres all year round. Then there is an optional weight box to give you that extra traction in the winter.

With speeds of up to 10 mph, you will be clearing snow, cutting grass and blowing leaves very quickly and efficiently.

grandstand multiforce broom
Grandstand Multiforce Broom

Power Broom

The power broom is used to move snow, clear leaves and debris and dethatch lawns. There is a hydraulic kit that gives greater speeds to the power broom. This can pump up to 15 gallons of oil a minute. This gives speeds of up to 250 rpm on the actual broom. If you need to slow the broom down slightly, just reduce the revs on the throttle.

The low-flow hydraulic system powers the three hydraulic rams, very similar to the dozer blade. The hydraulic rams give you a up and down movement and left-to-right movement for maximum versatility.


Toro Grandstand Multi-Force Stand on Power Unit
Toro Grandstand Multi-Force Stand on                                  Power Unit


Bagging Kit

There is a bagging kit that fits on the side of the Toro Grandstand Multi-Force Stand On Power Unit. The bagging kit offers good manoeuvrability and 10 ft³ collection capacity.

Scarifier And Aerator Attachment

There is also a scarifier and aerator attachment, another great plus point for looking after your lawn.

To Conclude

Good commercial machinery is not cheap. I really like the idea of having one power unit that can do multiple tasks. One thing is for sure that the zero turn concept makes this machine exceptionally manoeuvrable. I think this is an ideal machine for contractors and large gardens, a machine that can work all year round.

Please feel free to comment below.

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RV602 Ventrac Vacuum Collection System

RV602 Ventrac Vacuum Collection System
             RV602 Ventrac Vacuum Collection                                          System


Today we are looking at something a little bit different, which is the RV602 Ventrac vacuum collection system which is an attachment for the Ventrac 4500 series power units.

As you know I like to make life easier in the garden and I like to look at all types of machines for landscapers, gardeners and horticulturalists etc! I know that this machine isn’t suitable for every garden, but I have to say that it fascinates me how the right machine can make life so much easier.



Collect Mulched Grass And Leaves
       Collect Mulched Grass And Leaves


You Can Find More Blowers And Vacuums Here


RV602 Ventrac Vacuum Collection System

The RV602 Ventrac vacuum collection system is an attachment that fits onto the Ventrac 4500 series articulated tractor power unit. It is attached via the traditional three-point linkage that is fitted to most agricultural tractors and compact tractors. I’m not sure if this vacuum collection system can be fitted to other power units or not. Certainly, when fitted on the Ventrac 4500 it looks like the perfect match.


When I first watched the video on the Ventrac vacuum collection system I thought that it looked rather cumbersome. However, with the articulated steering and the dual wheels fitted, it becomes a very lightweight and much more compact machine. Traditionally ride-on mowers and compact tractors can lead to tram lining, especially if you are mowing the same way each time. With the dual wheels, I’m sure that this must reduce the pounds per square inch on the soil considerably.


Clear Lawns Quickly And Efficiently
     Clear Lawns Quickly And Efficiently


A Good Collection System

Looking at the video, it seems like the Ventrac vacuum is making an excellent job vacuuming up the grass and leaves. I didn’t realise to start with that the actual vacuum is powered by an independent 10 hp electric start Briggs & Stratton Vanguard engine. In an ideal world this would be better if the vacuum could be powered from the tractors power take-off or hydraulic system. However, realistically and practically the property is not enough power to carry out both jobs at once.

I appreciate that for many people this system may not be suitable for your garden, however, we have a range of blowers and vacuums and leaf collectors that can help you in your garden.

Of course, the only downside of this is that you have two engines to maintain and to start and stop. However, if this was giving me good results and collecting efficiently, I would not be too concerned about having two engines.


High Lift RV602 Ventrac vacuum Collection System
       High Lift RV602 Ventrac vacuum                              Collection System


Straightforward Emptying

One of the great things about the RV 602 Ventrac vacuum collection system is that you don’t have to leave the driver seat to empty the collection system. This obviously, increases efficiently considerably and is much more pleasant for the operator, there’s nothing worse to keep jumping off a tractor seat!

Another great feature of the RV 602 Ventrac vacuum collection system, is the ability to be able to load a truck or trailer from the driver’s seat. Traditionally with the majority of ride-on mowers do not have the high lift capacity which is a real benefit with the Ventrac. I have owned an Iseki SXG ride on tractor with a high lift collection system, it’s a good machine. This really is a great system for loading trucks or even just making a heap in your garden for composting, no more forking up, totally effortless!

You Can See The Iseki SXG High Tip Tractor Here


I can never understand why some manufacturers make a nice ride on lawnmower, but then they will have three bags in the back of the machine that you will have to empty individually. This is very time consuming and in most cases totally unnecessary. I appreciate that there may be some instances where you’re tipping the grass and you can’t actually get to the compost heap or something similar. However, if this is your situation, I will try my hardest to keep things simple so you can empty from the driver’s seat. I have never purchased a ride-on machine where I cannot empty the bag or collection system from the driver’s seat. I don’t like handling materials twice when potentially when I only need to do the job once!


Easy Disconnect Vacuum Pipe
          Easy Disconnect Vacuum Pipe


Vacuum Cleaner

Another great feature of this machine is the fact that you can disconnect the vacuum pipe from the cutter deck and literary use as a giant vacuum cleaner. Apparently there is a hose clamp that quickly releases the vacuum hose, so there is no need for any tools to release the hose.

This is perfect for cleaning up in areas where your lawnmower cannot enter into. Or for example, in places like flowerbeds, shrub borders and under hedges, this really can save loads of time and make clearing up leaves very easy.


Storage Stand

The RV 602 Ventrac vacuum collection system comes complete with a storage stand on castor wheels. This enables easy fitting and removal of the vacuum to your tractor.

You can see more features and reviews in the video below.

Please feel free to comment below.

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How To Make A Hayter Harrier Drive Properly!

Hayter Harrier 56 Autodrive VS BBC Rear Roller Lawnmower

In this particular video, I would like to show you how to make a Hayter Harrier drive properly!

I have probably owned around 10 to 12 of these particular Hayter Harrier 56 models over the years; unfortunately, this particular model as shown in the video has a very poor and inadequate drive system. I believe that this Hayter Harrier has been superseded by a newer model this year. However, I believe this model is still available, although I wouldn’t recommend it. I would go for the latest Hayter Harrier model or a Weibang which is a slightly heavier mower.

You Can See The Video below On How To Make Your Hayter Harrier Drive Properly!


Weibang has a much stronger drive system on their machine and a better collection system. Weibang also offers five years warranty for domestic use and three years warranty for commercial use, which is pretty good. More to come on this subject in a future post!


Search Ebay For Hayter Harrier
Search eBay For Hayter Harrier


You can see the range of Weibang mowers here.

This Hayter Harrier does not have the best drive system in the world; the previous models had a much better drive system. I believe that Briggs & Stratton stopped making an engine with a power takeoff on, so Hayter had to design a completely new drive system, but in my mind, they have failed miserably.

The grass collection is also very poor. I live in a fairly dry part of the UK in East Anglia, and even with our dry conditions, the grass chute can very easily block even when the grass is dry. I appreciate that it is of great importance to keep the grass bag clean and to either power wash it regularly or to blow the bag out with an airline. If the grass bag is not kept clean then the air cannot flow through the back, which in turn, will not make the collection process effective. This process needs to be carried out regularly to keep the collection process running efficiently. However, even with a very clean bag, it is very unusual to be able to fill the grass box to brimming full as the airflow doesn’t have the power to throw the grass to the back of the box.

On this particular machine, the belts had been replaced just six weeks ago, and already the Hayter Harrier is struggling to pull itself along. It actually starts off driving quite well but almost after half an hour, sometimes more, sometimes less, it will not drive efficiently, and I end up having to push the machine slightly to keep it going, this is not good! I would expect a machine of this size to be able to drive itself for long periods. I don’t know if the belts heat up and then become less effective in their driving capacity, all I know is that Hayter should be able to produce a much better drive system than on this particular model of Hayter Harrier.

Let’s Make The Hayter Harrier Drive!

So now I am going to turn the mower on its side making sure that exhaust is on the bottom side and that the fuel tank and air filter are at the highest point as shown in the video. In turning the lawnmower this way up it stops any fuel and oil running into the air filter. I normally blow the machine down with a leaf blower which gets all the dead grass and debris out from underneath. I do this process every time I use the lawnmower as I don’t want rotting grass and other debris laying inside the lawnmower.

Anti-Slip Belt Dressing

I use an anti-slip belt dressing, as shown in the video to lubricate the belt underneath the machine. It is slightly difficult to see the drive belt and even more difficult to see the drive belt on the video as I’m trying to hold the camera and spray the drive belt at the same time!

I normally turn the blade a fraction of a turn and spray the drive belt covering a few inches or centimetres at a time, after repeating this process approximately five times, the drive belt should be completely lubricated with the anti-slip belt dressing.

Wear And Tear

While the Hayter Harrier is on its side, I would like to show you some of the wear and tear under the cutting deck. As you can see there is like a plastic-type of insert that is broken and ideally needs replacing to stop grass and debris getting into the gearbox et cetera. I would expect something a bit better them this from a manufacturer like Hayter.

Hayter Harrier 56 Autodrive VS Rear Roller Lawnmower
Hayter Harrier 56 Autodrive VS Rear Roller Lawnmower


Hayter Products

I believe it was in the 60s when Hayter was making many mowers, and they actually couldn’t sell enough machines as they had been manufactured to a very high standard so that people were not replacing them! Maybe that’s not too good for Hayter, but great for the customer.

I have owned many Hayter products over the years, and I have really liked them. The Hayter Harrier 56 and the other rear roller models do leave a very British striped finish to your lawn, which we all like to see.

I’m hoping the latest models of Hayter Harrier will be much improved, and I am told that the drive system is much better and also the collection system, I will write about this in a future blog post.

Please like video and subscribe to our channel.

Thank you for reading.

Please feel free to comment below. If

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Are Stiga Out Front Deck Lawnmowers The Most Manoeuvrable Mowers?

Stiga Park Pro 740 IOX 4WD Out Front Deck Ride On Lawn mower
Stiga Park Pro 740 IOX 4WD Out Front Deck Ride On Lawn mower


My question today is are Stiga out front deck lawnmowers the most manoeuvrable mowers on the market?

I think we all like the idea of having a ride on lawnmower to cut our lawns, but for the majority of us can’t really justify a ride-on lawnmower. Not only because our lawns are not large enough but often a ride-on lawnmower can be very cumbersome, and not very efficient to use in small areas. The good news is that the range of Stiga articulated mulching mowers are exceptionally manoeuvrable and can go around flower beds and trees and obstacles at total ease!

In many cases, it is much easier to use a quality walk-behind mower than to have a cumbersome ride-on lawnmower as you can spend most of your time when manoeuvring around obstacles. However, the Stiga range of articulated mulching mowers changes this totally as the video shows.

Out Front Deck Or Zero Turn Mower?

Another type of lawnmower, which is highly manoeuvrable and probably my favourite is the zero-turn range of lawnmowers, however, care needs to be taken with these machines when turning as you can tear the turf. The Stiga eradicates this problem totally, however, I could probably achieve slightly more with a zero-turn mower, but it would be a very fine line. I actually think for most home users an articulated lawnmower is a very good option.

Search for Stiga Out Front Mulching Mower
Search for Stiga Out Front Mulching Mower


No Grass Clippings To Collect!

One of the many benefits of an articulated out front deck lawnmower is the fact that they do not collect the grass they actually mulch the grass, so in other words, they chop the grass so that it almost disappears. One thing I would like to mention when mulching is that it works much more effectively when you cut the grass on a regular basis. It is unfair to leave your grass for three or four weeks and then to expect a perfect mulch.

One of the most time-consuming jobs when cutting the lawn is having to empty the grass collection box, it’s a very time-consuming business, especially if you’re compost heap is some distance away from the main lawn. With a mulching mower, this puts an end to the time-consuming job of emptying a grass box. I appreciate that some of the ride on mowers can be emptied from the driver’s seat, however, you are still losing time from carrying out this process.

Another benefit from mulching is that it is almost adding natural fertiliser to your lawn, this is especially beneficial in dry weather, it definitely helps to keep your lawn looking green and healthy throughout the year.

Some people say that when you mulch and don’t collect the grass that you can get a build-up of moss, I would say that this can happen but at the end of the day if you’re looking after your lawn properly this can be taken out with lawn feed and moss killer or scarifying your lawn once a year. Incidentally, scarifying and feeding your lawn on a regular basis is highly recommended if you want a healthy lawn.

So How Much Does An Out Front Mulching Lawnmower Cost?

The Stiga range of lawnmowers starts at £2330 for the smallest model which has an 85 cm deck (approximately 3 feet) and go up to £8999 for the largest model which has 120 cm deck (approximately 4 feet) and comes with four-wheel-drive. These models come with a three-year warranty.

Engine Sizes

Just remember that with a mulching mower it takes a little bit more power to cut the grass as traditionally with a lawnmower you are trying to remove the grass out of the deck to reserve power and fuel efficiency. However, with a mulching mower it actually tries to keep the grass inside the deck for as long as possible as this is where the mulching process takes place, it obviously takes power to do this process.

Once again, I would always go for the most powerful machine that you can afford as it speeds up the cutting process and if the grass is long you have the extra power to keep going.

There Are Many Models Available

Stiga offers many various models of out-front deck machines, below is just a small selection. For the full range of Stiga out front deck mowers please click here.

Stiga Villa 14 HST Out Front Deck Lawn Rider
Stiga Villa 14 HST Out Front Deck Lawn Rider


Stiga Villa 14 HST Out Front Deck Lawn Rider

This is the smallest model of the Stiga out front deck rider mowers, having said this, there is the option for a 85 cm or 95 cm deck which with this size deck you can actually soon cover the ground. Also, remember that there is no box to empty so you are literally cutting grass continuously!

This machine is powered by a Briggs & Stratton 344 cc engine which develops 10.5 hp. There are 10 different cutting heights which vary from 25 to 85 mm and the transmission is hydrostatic transmission which gives you instant forward and reverse speeds on a foot pedal, a very efficient way of powering a lawnmower.

Stiga Park 520 P 2WD Out Front Deck Ride On Lawnmower
Stiga Park 520 P 2WD Out Front Deck Ride On Lawnmower

Stiga Park 520 P 2WD Out Front Deck Ride On Lawnmower

If you’re looking for a mid-range lawnmower the Stiga Park 520 2WD could be a good option, it comes with a selection of cutting deck options which range from 95 cm to 105 cm with an option of two or three-bladed decks. There’s also an option for an electric lift, in other words, the cutting height is adjusted electronically, which is great for the operator. My personal choice would be to go for the three-blade deck with electronic lift, the three blades will help to make the mulching process much more efficient.

The Stiga Park 520 is powered by a Briggs & Stratton single-cylinder engine which develops just over 13 hp. The cutting height is from 25 mm to 95 mm, this can be adjusted manually or electronically depending on deck choice.

Stiga Park Pro 740 IOX 4WD Out Front Deck Ride On Lawn mower
Stiga Park Pro 740 IOX 4WD Out Front Deck Ride On Lawn mower


Stiga Park Pro 740 IOX 4WD Out Front Deck Ride On Lawn mower

Now we are moving up to the top of the range machine, the Stiga Park Pro 740 IOX 4WD Out Front Deck Ride On Lawnmower is priced at £8999 which offers a saving of £1380 currently. You could say this is the singing and dancing model which has everything on it including four-wheel-drive which is a great asset.

This machine will comfortably cut a 4 to 5-acre lawn which is more than enough for most gardens. This machine is ideal for the keen garden or contractor who has a large lawn to manage and wants a machine that will cover the ground quickly.

The Stiga Park Pro it’s powered by a Briggs & Stratton two-cylinder 724cc engine which develops 18.7 hp, I have had experience with this engine as it has been fitted to various machines that I have owned. It is a very efficient two-cylinder petrol engine that takes work in its stride.

The cutting deck comes in five different sizes ranging from 95 cm to 125 cm, once again there is a two or three-bladed option, I would personally go for the three-bladed version for more efficient mulching.

The cutting height is controlled electronically and ranges from 25 mm to 95 mm cutting height, which offers plenty of flexibility. Just a quick tip, never cut your lawn too short, for a healthy lawn regular cutting pays off, nothing looks worse than a lawn that has been scalped and cut too short, regular cutting is the key.

Like all Stiga out front mowers, this machine is powered with hydrostatic transmission which offers instant forward and reverse and variable speed, a very efficient way to power a lawnmower.

To conclude

A Stiga out front deck mower is one of the most efficient ways, if not the most efficient way to cut your lawn. Combined with its mulching abilities and the need of no grass collection can make your lawn cutting extremely pleasurable. I think it’s a much less daunting task to jump on a ride on lawnmower knowing that all you have to do is is to sit on your mower and let the machine do the work, no grass collector to empty just mowing!

Please feel free to comment below, it’s always good to hear feedback and questions and comments.

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Special Offers On Mountfield Ride On Lawnmowers

Mountfield 2248H Rear Collection (Hydrostatic) Ride On Lawnmower
Mountfield 2248H Rear Collection (Hydrostatic) Ride On Lawnmower


Mountfield is offering up to £400 discount on their large range of ride-on lawnmowers. Already we are halfway through August and the summer is rushing by, it may seem a bit late to buy a lawnmower, but with these discounts, this may be an excellent time to purchase a new Mountfield ride on mower. Incidentally, there have been many times when I’m cutting lawns on Christmas Eve, however, the conditions do have to be right! It’s always good to have a well-manicured lawn for Christmas day!

Mountfield has been making lawnmowers for over 50 years and has built up a good reputation for good machines that are reliable and will be good workhorses for many years especially if you are prepared to take care of your machine and service it regularly.

Not every garden is suitable for a ride on mower if you have lots of obstacles and trees and shrubs etc to go round you may be better off with a good roller rotary lawnmower or even a wheeled mower. However, if your garden is half an acre plus, then in normal terms I would recommend purchasing a ride-on mower.

Mountfield 827M Compact Ride On Lawnmower

Mountfield 827M Compact Ride On Lawnmower
Mountfield 827M Compact Ride On Lawnmower


The Mountfield range of lawnmowers starts with the Mountfield 827M compact lawn rider which is just 26 inches (66 cm) wide, this is very narrow indeed, perfect for getting into a small tight space. I would like to add that this machine is an entry-level ride on mower and comes with manual transmission, so, in other words, a gearbox. I would recommend in most cases if your budget allows going for a machine with hydrostatic transmission as these machines are far quicker and easier to use than a manual gearbox.

You can find out more about the Mountfield 827M compact lawn rider here, the price for this machine is just £1299 it is actually very good value for a ride-on lawnmower, it comes with two years warranty.

Mountfield 1328H Compact Ride On Lawnmower

Mountfield 1328H Compact Ride On Lawnmower
Mountfield 1328H Compact Ride On Lawnmower


The Mountfield 1328H compact ride-on lawnmower is a slightly larger mower than the above machine, although still very compact at 28 inches (71 cm) and still large enough to fit through most garden gates. Although this machine is slightly more expensive at £1599 it does come with hydrostatic transmission which to me is a huge benefit and much better than a manual gearbox model. You can find out more about the Mountfield 1328H compact ride on lawn mower here. This ride-on lawnmower comes with two years warranty

Hydrostatic Transmission

Hydrostatic transmission is the most common way to power a modern lawnmower, it is more expensive than a manual gearbox, however, it really does make your lawnmower much more versatile and efficient and the whole mowing experience much more pleasurable, I would always choose hydrostatic transmission over a manual gearbox providing your budget allows. Hydrostatic transmission enables you to have instant variable forward and reverse speeds either through a foot pedal or lever.

More Ride On Lawnmowers

Mountfield 2248H Rear Collection (Hydrostatic) Ride On Lawnmower

Now we come to the other end of the scale, if you’re looking for a large ride-on we have the Mountfield 2248H Rear Collection (Hydrostatic) Ride On Lawnmower this machine can cut up to 5 acres. It is currently selling for £3999 with a £400 discount while stocks last. Mountfield also give a five-year warranty, so they are obviously confident that there machine is built to last!

Mountfield 2248H Rear Collection (Hydrostatic) Ride On Lawnmower
Mountfield 2248H Rear Collection (Hydrostatic) Ride On Lawnmower


This particular machine is powered by a 656 cc twin cylinder Briggs and Stratton engine I have actually had personal experience with these engines and they really are very good. The transmission is hydrostatic which means you have total control over the machine whether you are cutting lush spring grass or collecting leaves. The machine has seven different height settings and a mulch plug should you require to mulch the grass, this is a great option to have especially in dry weather.

The cutting deck width is 48 inches (122 cm) which with a deck this size will produce excellent work rates. This particular model comes with a 320 L capacity grass collection box which is released from the driver’s seat. There is also a towbar which is a great asset for those jobs in the garden.

Mountfield 1636H Rear Collection Ride on Lawnmower

Mountfield 1636H Rear Collection Ride on Lawnmower
Mountfield 1636H Rear Collection Ride on Lawnmower


If you’re looking for a mid-range ride-on lawnmower, maybe the Mountfield 1636H Rear Collection Ride on Lawnmower could be a good option for you. This machine is priced at £2199 and currently has a £300 discount on the price.

The machine is powered by a Mountfield 452 cc engine and has a cutting width of 92 cm which I believe is around 36 inches which makes this machine reasonably compact but at the same time, you can cut reasonably sized areas of lawn.

There are seven cutting height positions on this particular machine and the grass box capacity is 260 L which gives plenty of room for leaves and grass clippings. You can find out more about the Mountfield 1636H Rear Collection Ride on Lawnmower and other machines here.

To Conclude

As always, I would try and purchase the best machine that you can afford, a ride on lawnmower can last you many years if you respect them and service it regularly.

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Hayter Heritage M10/30 Ride-On Lawn Mower

Hayter Heritage
Hayter Heritage

This compact and highly-manoeuvrable entry-level ride-on from esteemed British manufacturers Hayter Heritage M10/30 Ride-On Lawn Mower is the perfect choice for those with larger lawns who are looking to step-up from their old walk-behind mower.

At the heart of the machine is a very high-performance commercial-grade Briggs & Stratton engine with an impressive power-output of 10.5hp. The engine drives a hand-controlled infinitely-variable hydrostatic transmission for smooth, intuitive speed control; flexibility-of-use; and effortless manoeuvrability. Also, there is no need to stop to change gear with a hydro drive, so you’ll be able to get the job done far more quickly than you would with a manual ride-on.

You can see more of our ride on mower range here

The cutter-deck on the Hayter Heritage M10/30 Ride-On Lawn Mower is fully floating for a consistent cut on undulating ground and has been offset so you can cut right up to lawn edges and therefore consign your strimmer to the shed. The deck can be raised and lowered through six-stages (38 – 101mm) to suit the grass-type and the nature of the terrain you are working on.

The Hayter Heritage M10/30 has three cutting-modes (collect; mulch; rear-discharge), so you can choose the one that will be most effective for any given grass conditions, for example, mulching comes into its own on short, dry grass; while direct discharge is ideal if you’ve let the grass get a bit too long for bagging. Thanks to its super-tight turning-circle of just 60cm and reverse-gear, the Heritage M10/30 will cope easily with tight-spots and awkward corners. The hugely capacious grass-collector can be emptied from the driver’s seat; and the engine is fully enclosed for greatly reduced noise.

Search eBay For Hayter Heritage
Search eBay For Hayter Heritage


You Can Find The Hayter Heritage Ride On Lawn Mower On EBay