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About Garden Equipment Review

Roy About Garden Equipment Review
Roy About Garden Equipment Review

Here are a few brief words about Garden Equipment Review.

Garden Equipment Review was first set up in 2007, 2019 site has totally been revamped, we have many plans for the future of this site, we will be continually adding more products and content to give you an even larger choice of products.

At garden equipment review we have a range of equipment from ride-on lawn tractors to hand tools, like spades and forks and more. Our products are suited for everyone, from the keen gardener to the professional landscaper, we have something that can help you in your garden, however large or small.


Our shop has a huge range of products available, we have tried to categorise them as much as possible because of the volume of products on our website, sometimes it is easier to type what you’re looking for into the search bar. If you can’t find what you’re looking for please feel free to use our contact form.

As the shop is being regularly updated with new products and special offers, you can sign up for our email newsletter for more special offers.

About Roy

I have always had a keen interest in garden machinery since I was probably around five or six years old. I started working in people’s gardens before I left school and prior to this eased out my father in his garden as a child. Working in other people’s gardens I saw how people made gardening extremely hard work through having poor machinery or the wrong type of machinery and tools. When I was 17 and passed my driving test, I went out and brought my own machinery as I was determined to make my life easy in the gardening world.

I remember one of the first machines that I purchased was a brand-new Hayterette Professional, I still have this lawnmower today. It is actually 36 years old and still on the original engine and works absolutely fine!

Landscaping Business

I started my first landscaping business back in 1983, I was able to build this business over the years which gave me a great deal of knowledge on various garden machines. I sold my first landscaping business in 2001 and then start a slightly different business which I sold in 2009. I’m currently running a tree stump grinding business which I very much enjoy.

Garden Equipment

Over the years I have owned and used a huge amount of garden equipment, some not so good and some excellent equipment. I decided to start Garden Equipment Review to help people decide what products to buy for their garden.

Unfortunately, there are some very poor products available for the garden. My aim is to help you buy the right product for your garden or landscaping business. Buying the right product for your garden can make your job pleasurable rather than miserable! To me, there’s nothing much worse than trying to use a poor piece of equipment. It’s important to have the right tool for the job or even strong enough for the job.

Buy The Right Product

I always say to people when buying a product for the garden to buy the best that they can afford. It is far cheaper to buy a quality product that can actually last you many years. Rather than a cheap and nasty product that will probably break when you first use it.

I have seen cheap petrol tools which work fine for a few weeks. But as soon as you have an issue there’s no spare parts backup, so the machine becomes obsolete. Be careful with hand tools as I have literally used spades that bend when you try and put them in the ground. A completely useless hand tool!

If you buy the right product, take care of it, it should last you for many years.

We Are Here To Help

We are here to help you choose your right garden machine or product, our plan is to keep adding products and reviews.

Thank you for reading.

Roy owner of Garden Equipment Review