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Multi Tools

I have always liked the idea of multi-tools as they offer a very practical solution to having multiple tools, as they run off one power unit.  Multi-tools can save you large amounts of money, time and space.

I purchased a multi-tool in the form of a strimmer a few years ago. In other words, I needed a strimmer so I purchased it as a multitool which enables me to add further attachments. Recently I purchased a hedge cutter attachment, this is something that I don’t use frequently, but it’s a great add-on and useful attachment. At the same time, I didn’t have the added cost of having to purchase another power unit.

Another advantage of this type of multi-tool is the fact that the tool splits in half. So it’s perfect for carrying in the back of your vehicle without taking up too much space.

Popular multi-tool accessories are; Strimmers, brushcutters, hedge cutters, blowers, light tillers that can be used for hoeing. Other accessories include leaf blowers, pruning saw and more.

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