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Petrol Cylinder Mowers

We have a range of traditional petrol cylinder mowers for that perfect cut and manicured lawn. Although a petrol cylinder mower takes slightly more looking after than a rotary mower, the benefits can be very rewarding.

Petrol cylinder mowers give you that perfect and very English striped look to your lawn.

Our cheapest petrol cylinder mowers are the Allet classic and the most expensive machine is the Westminster professional cylinder mower. As always I would always buy the best that you can afford. For example, if you purchased a professional petrol cylinder mower. It could probably last you a lifetime if you took care of your machine. And you have a quality piece of engineering that makes your lawn look like a bowling green!

A cylinder mower has a very precision cutting action, almost like a scissor action where to flat edges come together. You need to make sure that your petrol cylinder mower is adjusted properly for efficient cutting.

An ideal way to test your cylinder mower cutting is to place a piece of paper or thin cardboard between the cylinder and the flat blade below the cylinder. By carefully turning the cylinder against the flat blade, place the cardboard between the two edges. Make sure that you have a clean cut. If you do not have a clean-cut, simply adjust the bottom blade accordingly and refer to your owner’s manual. It’s also good to have your cylinder reground on a regular basis to keep it in tiptop condition for that perfect cut.

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