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Petrol Hover Mower

A Petrol hover mower is ideal for cutting banks, awkward areas and around trees and other obstacles.

Petrol hover mowers work by sitting on a cushion of air that keeps the mower floating, making it easy to pull or push or even move sideways. The under deck impeller creates a cushion of air between the cutting deck and the ground. This enables you to move the mower around very easily making it perfect to glide around obstacles.

The majority of petrol hover mowers mulch the grass, so in other words, there is no grass to collect, which is a very time-saving feature. Another plus point when using a petrol hover mower is that as the grass is being mulched,  it is also acting as a green manure. Which in turn keeps your grass greener for longer in dry periods.

We have a range of petrol hover mowers for every need, from the keen gardener to the professional.

If you prefer electric power we have a range of electric hover mowers.

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