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Rear Roller Lawnmowers

Rear roller lawnmowers are probably the most universal mowers that you can purchase. The rear roller lawnmower can give a fantastic finish. This is almost as good as a cylinder mower and yet much more adaptable for most gardens.

I have used rear roller lawnmowers all my working life and have owned many of these machines. I appreciate the practicalities they offer and the superb striped finish, especially in the larger petrol models.

Rear roller lawnmowers are available in push models, electric models and petrol models. My preferred being the petrol-driven machines which are driven by the rear roller. Although in the smaller petrol models there are some push models available. However, I would definitely look at the powered roller type mower if your budget allows.

One thing that makes an English garden unique is the striped lawn finish, something that British people love to see.

A rear roller lawnmower can be used to cut various types of lawn, a decent machine can cope with grass that is several inches high, although, ideally they need to be used regularly to keep your lawn looking well.

All roller rotary lawnmowers have a collection facility. The average lawn isn’t particularly level, however, rear roller rotary lawnmower will cope with these conditions and are much more adaptable than a traditional cylinder mower.

Sizes of these machines vary from 15 inches to 22 inches. Engine sizes are normally from 3 to 6 hp.

As I always say, by the best machines you can afford, in this way it will give you many years of service.

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