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Scythe Mowers

Scythe mowers, sometimes known as sickle bar mowers, are ideal for cutting down long grass and overgrown areas. Traditionally, scythe mowers were used by smallholders to make small amounts of hay.

Sickle bar mowers will tackle long grass in paddocks, orchards and around buildings with ease. The large reciprocating blade will quickly cut through brambles, nettles and tough grass with ease.

One of the advantages of a scythe mower is the fact that it takes very little power to drive the cutter bar. With a rotary mower, you are dealing with a lot of grass going through the machine this tends to put the engine under load. With a scythe mower, the machine has almost a scissor-type cutting action, which cuts the grass effortlessly and cleanly.

Machine sizes vary from 24-inch cut models to the larger 48-inch models. We have a selection of machines from budget machines to machines for the contractor and keen gardener.

Scythe mowers have come a long way since the old Allen scythes and Mayfield scythe mowers. I think many people have an experience to share regarding their old Allen scythe and the temperamental clutch!

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