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Wheeled Trimmers

Wheeled trimmers are great for cutting overgrown areas and trimming around edges. Maybe the best way to describe a wheeled trimmer is that it is literally a brushcutter on wheels!

One of the great advantages of these wheeled trimmers is the fact that they have tough nylon cord rather than metal blades. When you’re cutting in the unknown, you never know what you’re going to come across. It has never failed to amaze me what I have come across when cutting overgrown areas, from lumps of metal to hidden tree stumps.

The great thing is with a wheeled trimmer there is no blade to damage, just simply replace the nylon cord.

While trimmers are available in push models and wheel driven models. Our smallest model is powered by a 166cc four-stroke petrol engine. While, our larger model is powered by a 190 cc four-stroke petrol engine.

We also have conversion kits available to make your brushcutter into a wheeled brush cutter, which gives added benefits.

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