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Blowers And Vacuums

We have a wide range of blowers and vacuums. Our subcategories include petrol backpack blowers, electric leaf blowers, leaf sweepers, petrol handheld leaf blowers, wheeled blowers and wheeled garden vacuums.

The most time-saving machine or device that I use in the garden is my backpack blower, it literally saves me hours of hard work every month. Many times I have to clear large areas of leaves and other garden debris, a leaf blower can really take the hard work out of clearing up.

Realistically, a powerful leaf blower can cut clearing times by 2000% compared with a traditional broom or rake.

Electric Leaf Blowers

Our range of leaf blowers starts with electric models which can actually be quite powerful. Although you do have two contend with the cable, something that I have never liked!

Petrol Handheld Blowers

The most used universal blowers are the small compact handheld petrol models, which are easy to use and take up minimal storage space. There are no restrictions from cables or battery life, all that is required is a two-stroke mixture of fuel. Generally, these models range from 20 to 30cc engine capacity.

Backpack Blowers

If you’re looking for a larger more powerful leaf blower, then I would go for the backpack type of blower. These models range from approximately 30¬† to 80 cc. The fact that the weight is carried in your back makes leaf blowing easier, especially if you have large amounts of leaves and debris to clear.

Rechargeable Blowers

Rechargeable blowers are an option, they have the advantage of low maintenance and are fairly quiet. However, replacement batteries can be expensive and operating times can be quite short, normally around 20 to 30 minutes.

Wheeled Blowers

If you have amounts of leaves to clear then, it is worth considering a wheeled blower. These machines have huge amounts of power which can quickly put the wind-up leaves and garden debris! Our wheeled blowers start from around 9 hp going up to 18 hp.

Wheeled Garden Sweepers

Wheeled garden sweepers are another great way to clear up leaves and keep your garden tidy. Garden sweepers are available in bush models, towable models and self-propelled machines.

The push model garden sweeper is a very simple but effective and efficient and cheap on your wallet to collect leaves.

If you have a ride on mower there is a good chance that you can attach a towable leaf sweeper to your machine. This is another great way to clear leaves and garden debris in a very efficient way.

Another way to clear leaves is by purchasing a self-propelled sweeper. Self-propelled sweepers are more suitable for parking areas and perhaps where the leaves become wet and literally need to be swept off the floor.

Wheeled Garden Vacuums

Another very useful way to keep your garden tidy is to purchase a garden vacuum. These machines are literally like giant vacuum cleaners, most models have an optional hose attachment. The hose attachment enables you to vacuum between plants and awkward places where your garden vacuum cannot enter.

These wheeled vacuums can also be used on lawns, driveways and garden paths etc, making them highly universal. These models range from small petrol push machines to large professional self-propelled models.

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  • Backpack Petrol Blowers

    Backpack Petrol Blowers (31)

  • Greenworks GD40ABII 40v Cordless Axial Leaf Blower No Batteries No Charger

    Battery Leaf Blowers (103)

  • Bosch UNIVERSALGARDENTIDY 3000 Garden Vacuum and Leaf Blower

    Electric Leaf Blowers (62)

  • Handy THPLS Hand Push Lawn Sweeper

    Leaf Sweepers (58)

  • Petrol Handheld Leaf Blowers

    Petrol Handheld Leaf Blowers (81)

  • Billy Goat F1802SPV Self Propelled Force Blower

    Wheeled Blowers (8)

  • Draper BV3200 Garden Vacuum/Blower Mulcher

    Wheeled Garden Vacuum (101)

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