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Backpack Petrol Blowers

Backpack petrol blowers or knapsack petrol blowers are ideal for landscape contractors, tree surgeons, larger gardens, estate owners and more. Backpack petrol blowers are obviously ideal for autumn leaves. However, they also have many other uses. They are great for clearing up after jobs; more powerful blowers will actually move lumps of earth and mud which is stuck to the lawn. They really are a timesaver when it comes to the clearing-up process.

Two Stroke Engine

Backpack blowers are generally powered by a 2-stroke petrol engine. I know we are really talking about petrol knapsack blowers, however, there are a few rechargeable battery models that are becoming available. But just take care when purchasing, as many of the models do not have a particularly long runtime. Some commercial models do have a longer battery run time, but there is a price to pay for these models.

The biggest advantage of a backpack blower over the traditional hand petrol blower is the fact that you carry the weight on your back, not on your arms and shoulders. Generally, knapsack blowers are more powerful than handheld models. Although the German manufacturer Stihl make a range of knapsack blowers where there are smaller models with the same power as one of their handheld models.

The disadvantage of a backpack blower is that they are bulkier to carry around and a bit more cumbersome. Although, in my opinion, it’s worth it to have the extra power in most cases. The advantage of a smaller handheld petrol model is that it is very compact for carting around in a truck and for storage. It also is very handy if you want to just blow down something really quickly, like a mower, after you’re finished work or something similar. However, if you want to move debris quickly, then definitely go for a backpack petrol blower.

Backpack blowers generally start around the 27cc engine size. However, I would go for something that is 60cc plus. There are two reasons for this; the first case is that the knapsack petrol blower will probably still be the same size in volume. Secondly, if you have to carry something bulky around, then you may as well go for something with a bit of power.

Take Care With Cheaper Models

Take care with some of the cheaper models, as there are some unbelievably cheap budget models available. I always tell people to buy the best that they can afford. I’m currently using a Stihl BR600 backpack leaf blower which I have been using commercially for seven years. It still works absolutely fine! That’s the difference between purchasing a budget leaf blower and a commercial leaf blower. Also be aware that many of the budget gas backpack leaf blowers do not have a particularly brilliant antivibration system.

Remember that the more powerful backpack leaf blower that you purchase, the quicker you will finish your cleaning-up job! In my opinion, the best backpack leaf blower is the Stihl range of leaf blowers.

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