Cobra 1.6mm Nylon Trimmer Line (15m Pack)


Pack of Cobra 1.6mm diameter nylon cutting line in a 15 metre pack. Line Type : Round The Cobra range of trimming line is manufactured from high quality co-polymer for outstanding impact toughness…

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Pack of Cobra 1.6mm diameter nylon cutting line in a 15 metre pack. Line Type : RoundnThe Cobra range of trimming line is manufactured from high quality co-polymer for outstanding impact toughness. Cobra strimmer line is suitable for both domestic and commercial users, cutting 3 times more the area of a conventional trimmer line.nThe line is formulated from high quality co-polymer to provide maximum cutting life.nThe Cobra packaging has a colour coded label to make identifying the correct size / diameter line easier.nSuitable for many non-Cobra models, including;nQualcast CGT18LAnQualcast CGT183AnQualcast GT18nQualcast GT23nQualcast GT25nQualcast GT30nQualcast GT2518nQualcast GT2826nQualcast GGT350A1nQulacast GGT450A1nQualcast GGT600A1nQualcast GGT2501nQualcast GGT3001nQualcast GGT3503nQualcast GGT4502nQualcast CLGT1825DnQualcast TE30HnQualcast QC-PT 3043nQualcast Trimlite 23EnAldi Gardenline GLT455nAldi Gardenline GLT5529nArgos Challenge GT2317nBlack & Decker CST500nBlack & Decker D810nBlack & Decker D825nBlack & Decker GH600nBlack & Decker GH750nBlack & Decker GLC1825LnBlack & Decker GLC2000nBlack & Decker GLC2500nBlack & Decker GLC3630L20nBlack & Decker GL220nBlack & Decker GL280nBlack & Decker GL337nBlack & Decker GL330nBlack & Decker GL340nBlack & Decker GL350nBlack & Decker GL360nBlack & Decker GL425SCnBlack & Decker GL425XCnBlack & Decker GL430nBlack & Decker GL430CnBlack & Decker GL440nBlack & Decker GL445nBlack & Decker GL544CnBlack & Decker GL545nBlack & Decker GL546SCnBlack & Decker GL550nBlack & Decker GL560nBlack & Decker GL565nBlack & Decker GL565CnBlack & Decker GL570nBlack & Decker GL570CnBlack & Decker GL585nBlack & Decker GL595nBlack & Decker GL600nBlack & Decker GL650SBCnBlack & Decker GL652nBlack & Decker GL656nBlack & Decker GL670nBlack & Decker GL680nBlack & Decker GL685nBlack & Decker GL686nBlack & Decker GL687nBlack & Decker GL701nBlack & Decker GL716nBlack & Decker GL741nBlack & Decker GL825nBlack & Decker GL4525SBnBlack & Decker GL5028SBnBlack & Decker GL5530nBlack & Decker GLC120nBlack & Decker GLC1825LnBlack & Decker GLC3630nBlack & Decker LST220nBlack & Decker NST2118nBlack & Decker ST25nBlack & Decker ST300nBlack & Decker ST4000nBlack & Decker ST4525nBlack & Decker ST5530nBlack & Decker ST6500nBlack & Decker STC1820DnBlack & Decker STC1815nBlack & Decker 82310nBlack & Decker 82312nBosch Art 23nBosch Art 25nBosch Art 26nBosch Art 30nBosch Art 35nBosch PRT23nBosch PRT200nBosch PRT230nBosch PRT280nB&Q Power Performance PWR350DGTBnB&Q Power Performance PGT430AnB&Q Power Performance PRO700GTAnB&Q Power Performance TRY250SGTCnFlorabest FRT430nFlorabest FRT500/8nFlymo Contour 9648587-25nFlymo Contour 700nFlymo Multitrim 250D 9648570-25nFlymo Multitrim CT250nFlymo Multitrim 9648501-25nFlymo Power Trim 500 953900331nFlymo Power Trim 700 9648597-25, 953900332nFlymo Revolution 2000 9648574-25nFlymo Revolution 2300nFlymo Revolution 2500nFlymo Twist ‘n’ Edge 9648581-25nHomebase Powerbase Trim & Edge 350WnMacallister MGT300nMacallister MGTP254nMacallister MET5529nStihl FE35nStihl FE40nStihl FSE41

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