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Toro Grandstand Multi-Force Stand On Power Unit

Toro Grandstand Multi-Force Stand on Power Unit
     Toro Grandstand Multi-Force Stand                               on Power Unit


I recently came across, what looks to be a great piece of machinery, the Toro Grandstand Multi-Force Stand on Power Unit. This is basically a stander zero turn mower which can take various attachments. According to Toro there are up to 10 different attachments available, I will go through the various attachments further on in this post.

As we know quality machinery isn’t cheap to purchase, we need to make the most out of our investment and purchase wisely. Over the years I’ve owned many different machines and I’ve often thought it’s a shame we can’t have one versatile power unit to power all of our machines. I know this is easier said than done, however, I believe that Toro may have partly fulfilled this dream.



About 12 years ago I purchased a Ferris 5061 inch zero turn lawnmower, it was great machine a friend of mine still using this zero turn commercially. If I remember correctly I paid £10,000 for this machine, it was an ex-demonstration model with about 80 hours on the clock. I think the list price at the time was about £20,000 for a brand-new machine, they are not cheap!

I always thought it would be a great idea if I could use this zero turn lawnmower to power other machinery. It seems like Toro have the answer, so let’s have a look at this machine.


Kohler EFI Engine
                   Kohler EFI Engine


Toro Grandstand Multi-Force Stand On Power Unit

The Toro Grandstand Multi-Force Stand On Power Unit is powered by a Kohler Command 26.5 hp 747cc EFI petrol engine. It is basically a stand on zero turn mower that takes a 60 inch cutting width deck. A smaller cutting deck is available. I’ve never actually owned a stander lawnmower, however, I have owned a walk-behind and ride-on zero-turn mowers. I really like the idea of the stander lawnmower for easy access. They certainly seem to be very popular at the moment.


Find Toro Grandstand Multi-Force On EBay
Find Toro Grandstand Multi-Force On                                        eBay


It is great that the Toro Grandstand Multi-Force Stand On Power Unit is able to do so many tasks. If you have not used a zero-turn lawnmower before, they are, in my opinion the most manoeuvrable and versatile machines on the market.

The Zero Turn Advantage

A zero turn lawn mower is powered by two hydraulic motors, the two individual motors are attached to the rear wheels individually. The two hydraulic motors are powered by a hydraulic pump which gives you instant forward and reverse on each rear wheel.

At the front of the machine there are two heavy duty caster wheels that can turn 360° which helps with the superb manoeuvrability.

Most zero turn lawnmowers are controlled by two levers, although there are a few zero terms that now offer a steering wheel. I haven’t actually used a zero-turn lawnmower with a steering wheel, however, I’d be interested to hear from anyone who has used this type of machine.

With the lever -type zero turn mowers, you simply have instant forward and reverse on each wheel. This means that the lawnmower can literally turn around on a sixpence. In my view, zero turn lawn mowers are the most manoeuvrable machines on the market. They are perfect for negotiating around shrubs, flower borders and trees, you are literally cutting continually with a zero-turn.

Just one thing with a zero turn mower, care needs to be taken when turning sharply as you can tear the turf if you’re not careful. With care practice, damaged the turf can almost be eliminated.




Removing The 60 Inch Cutter Deck

I wondered how straightforward it would be to remove the cutter deck and to add various accessories. However, from watching the video, it looks like Toro have made removing the cutter deck, really quite straightforward.

To remove the cutting deck, simply place to pieces of wood 2 x 4 underneath the cutting deck, this just helps to take the weight of the cutting deck. Then remove the pin from the deck adjustment lever simply low the lever so that the cutting deck rests on the two pieces of wood. Then you need to replace the pin to stop the deck lever springing back. After this there are eight bolts to remove and your cutting deck is removed.

Accessories For The Toro Pro Force Series Debris Blower

One of the best things about the Toro Grandstand Multi-Force Stand On Power Unit is that you can literally use this machine all year round for multiple tasking.




Blower Attachment

The blower attachment looks like a great piece of machinery. I wrote a blog post a few days ago about the Toro Pro Force Series Debris Blower. This really is a great piece of kit.

Once you have removed the cutting deck you can now attach the Turbine Pro Force Blower. The blower fits on a kickstand which helps to attach the blower in a straightforward way. There are two small wheels on the kickstand. Simply loosely attach the belt to the pulley and then lift the blower up and it will lock in position. The belt will then automatically be tensioned and ready for use. Then remove the two pins and flipped the guard over for the working position.

You Can See More Blowers And Vacuums Here


The Toro Grandstand Multi-Force Stand On Power Unit has a quick attach hydraulic hose system which enables attachments to be fitted quickly. It literally takes a couple of minutes to attach the Turbine Pro Force Blower. Once the blower is fitted you are ready to put the wind up those autumn leaves!

The blower develops 7800 CFM at full throttle, that’s quite a bit of air. The air chute can be moved hydraulically 360° this will enable you to move the debris where you want it to go and give you total control over the airflow.

Now let’s move on to winter……

The Boss Dozer Blade

Moving on to winter the Toro Grandstand Multi-Force Stand On Power Unit has a boss dozer blade that can be used to clear snow. The blade is 5 foot wide and made of poly with no rusting and no scratches!


Toro Grandstand Multiforce All Season Plow
Toro Grandstand Multiforce All Season                                      Plow


Attaching The Blade

The boss dozer blade or plough is easily attached to the power unit, it comes with a stand which makes for easy fitting. The machine has an easy fit system that has one hydraulic ram for up-and-down. And two more hydraulic rams for left and right control. Once again you have the quick attach hydraulic pipes to control the hydraulic rams.

LED Light Kit

There is an optional LED light kit that goes together with the blade or clearing plough. So when the days are short you aren’t restricted by daylight. There is a flashing light that can be fitted to this machine.


Snow tyres are available for this machine or if you prefer to stick with the regular grass tyres all year round. Then there is an optional weight box to give you that extra traction in the winter.

With speeds of up to 10 mph, you will be clearing snow, cutting grass and blowing leaves very quickly and efficiently.

grandstand multiforce broom
Grandstand Multiforce Broom

Power Broom

The power broom is used to move snow, clear leaves and debris and dethatch lawns. There is a hydraulic kit that gives greater speeds to the power broom. This can pump up to 15 gallons of oil a minute. This gives speeds of up to 250 rpm on the actual broom. If you need to slow the broom down slightly, just reduce the revs on the throttle.

The low-flow hydraulic system powers the three hydraulic rams, very similar to the dozer blade. The hydraulic rams give you a up and down movement and left-to-right movement for maximum versatility.


Toro Grandstand Multi-Force Stand on Power Unit
Toro Grandstand Multi-Force Stand on                                  Power Unit


Bagging Kit

There is a bagging kit that fits on the side of the Toro Grandstand Multi-Force Stand On Power Unit. The bagging kit offers good manoeuvrability and 10 ft³ collection capacity.

Scarifier And Aerator Attachment

There is also a scarifier and aerator attachment, another great plus point for looking after your lawn.

To Conclude

Good commercial machinery is not cheap. I really like the idea of having one power unit that can do multiple tasks. One thing is for sure that the zero turn concept makes this machine exceptionally manoeuvrable. I think this is an ideal machine for contractors and large gardens, a machine that can work all year round.

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