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Bandit 3590XL 1,200 HP Whole Tree Chipper

Now here’s something a little bit different from your ordinary garden Chipper, let me introduce you to the Bandit 3590XL 1,200 HP Whole Tree Chipper.


Bandit 3590XL 1,200 HP Whole Tree                                         Chipper


The New Chipper Outperformed The Old Chipper

Fuel economy, productivity and uninterrupted flow of water through the chipper are a very successful factor of running a whole tree chipper operation.

The logging crew from Nelson Forest Products were easily keeping a 26-inch capacity, 765 hp chipper from a competitive chipper manufacturer fed with whole trees.

Looking at there situation, they realise that they could cut more wood than they had the capacity to chip. This is when they discovered the Bandit 3590XL 1,200 HP Whole Tree Chipper. The bandit chipper has an extra 435 hp on the previous model, a considerable increase in power.

The Bandit chipper has more than doubled their production and they can fill 50 foot, 30-ton lorries in 6 to 10 minutes.


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       Search eBay For Wood Chippers


Fuel consumption

The prior owner of the company said “what has amazed us, is that we are only consuming 8 gallons of fuel per load, which is what we were getting with our previous chipper!”

The owner of bandit industries said that “We are proud to build a whole tree chipper this efficient. We are also proud of the fact that this chipper doesn’t discharge chips under the feed system. This can increase yield by approximately 5%, which is like getting another dollar per tonne!”

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Nelson Forest products have been in business since the early 1980s with more than 30 years in the logging industry. The company now employs eight people and works in the Minnesota forests.

Many of their jobs include land clearance, logging and chip production, jobs can last for a few days or a few weeks on various sites. The previous machine was doing everything that they needed, the only problem I had was that it was just taking too long to get the job done!


Bandit Whole Tree Chipper
Bandit Whole Tree Chipper


The owner of Nelson Forest products said “what is most impressive about the bandit 3590 XL is that there are no hiccups when you feed the chipper. Everything flows smoothly through it. You’re not fighting the wood to feed it through the chipper. Rarely do you have to trim the trees to push them through the bandit chipper.”

“With the old chipper, we were fighting wood. The loader chipper would feed the old chipper and would go and get another grapple load of wood. And then the wood would hang up in the chipper and he would need to set down the wood in the grapple and sort out the blocked wood in the chipper, very time-consuming indeed!”

What sets the Bandit 3590XL apart is the unbelievable non-stop production. This machine was custom-built for Nelson Forest products. This Bandit 3590XL if the first model powered by a Caterpillar 1200 hp diesel engine and features a 48” x 36” diameter chipper opening.


Bandit Whole Tree Chipper Loading
     Bandit Whole Tree Chipper Loading


It also features a five wheel feed system. The feed system has amazing crushing power, two top wheels sit on a diagonal that pull the trees into the chipper. This also provides a great service area for pulling the trees into the chipper.

The owner of the chipper said “When you are not waiting on the chipper, it is amazing how much more efficiently we operate. We have cut our load times down from twenty minutes to six to ten minutes. Our loaders rarely have to wait to drop their loads at the chipper and we don’t have to empty trailers or truck drivers sitting idle, waiting to be loaded. All that time really adds up over the course of a day.”

“The one guy that I don’t mind being idle, is the guy feeding the chipper, so long as the rest of the operations are running as planned. He was always busy with their older chipper!”

Lower costs

The lower fuel costs, greater chip yield and more efficiency easily offset the cost of a new chipper! Now they are racing to keep trucks next to the chipper as the output is increased greatly.


  • Clean feed system
  • Dual hydraulic feed wheel lift cylinders
  • Radio remote control /w tether backup
  • Reversing auto feed
  • Slide Box Feed System w/ 5 feed wheels (3 horizontal, 2 vertical)
  • Stationary discharge with adjustable chip deflector
  • Optional micro chip drum
  • Optional proportional feed system
  • Optional operator cab w/ loader


Machine weights, feed rates, and other specifications are approximate and will vary depending on options selected.
All specifications are subject to change.

Standard Metric
Capacity 36 in 91.44 cm
Average Trailer Load Time 6-10 min
Opening 48 in  x  36 in 121.92 cm  x  91.44 cm
Width 142 in 360.68 cm
Height 149 in 378.46 cm
Length 522 in 1325.88 cm
Weight 76000 lbs 34473.02 kg
Feed Rate 90 ft/min 27.43 m/min
Fuel Tank 350 gl 1324.89 l
Hydraulic Tank 200 gl 757.08 l


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