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Billy Goat Force Wheeled Leaf Blower

Billy Goat F1802SPV Self Propelled Force Blower
Billy Goat F1802SPV Self Propelled Force Blower


The Billy Goat Force Wheeled Leaf Blower has a 16 bladed patent-pending force design that has been worked out carefully and tested on a computer by engineers. The fan leapfrogs other competitors fan technology with a large diameter lightweight fan housing it produces the greatest amount of volume of air possible for the available horsepower!

The Billy Goat Force offers more blowing power than any comparable machine on the market today.

Are you tired of buying several backpack blowers to do the same job as one Billy goat wheeled blower? Are you ready for a blower that will make you more money than you ever thought possible, clearing leaves? Then welcome to the Billy Goat Force Blower with unique patented Aim-N-Shoot feature for fast accurate leaf clearance. You won’t find any backpack or rakes working as hard or as productive as your Billy Goat Force Blower!

Billy Goat F902H Force Wheeled Blower


Billy Goat F902H Force Wheeled Blower

The Billy Goat F902H Force Wheeled Blower is our smallest wheeled blower and is priced at £1,539.99 which offers a 7% saving of £110. You can find out more about this wheeled blower here.

You won’t find anything lighter than The Force to push in this particular category and remember that Billy Goat also offers powered wheeled versions of this machine. The large rear wheels make this particular model easy to push much less fatigue than its competitors. You won’t find anything more powerful in The Forces League, you can check out all the Billy Goat blower’s here.

Wheeled blowers
Wheeled blowers


An When you’re looking for a versatile and practical leaf blower you need to look no further than The Force, if you want to get the job done quickly and efficiently then this machine is your answer!

The wheeled Billy goat Force Blower is a most profitable wheeled blower available, check out the video above to see the efficiency of this machine in action. You can literally move mountains of leaves width the Force Blower. I know that with my knapsack power I can move a lot of leaves, however, there comes a point when the leaves just get too much for the knapsack to move in large areas. This is where the Force Blower really comes in and shows its true power!

You can find more information on Billy Goat Wheeled Blower’s here

Billy Goat F1802SPV Self Propelled Force Blower
Billy Goat F1802SPV Self Propelled Force Blower


Front Discharge

Another unique feature on the Force Blower is the front discharge. It harnesses The Forces full power for cleaning along buildings or along curbs. When the front discharge is not in use simply locate it behind the housing, this feature is designed to protect the machine when it is being transported across the garden or loaded in a van or trailer.


The Force now features the patented Aim-N-Shoot giving you the power to work when you want it and when you need it. If debris is stuck next to the blower, simply squeeze the Aim-N-Shoot lever to send the air stream downwards, clearing the debris as the video shows.

The Aim-N-Shoot works really well with water and with the Aim-N-Shoot you can direct the water to where you want it to go.

For those really large piles of leaves the Aim-N-Shoot works really well, you will be absolutely amazed just how far you can move those leaves. One simple squeeze of the lever will bring the Aim-N-Shoot into action and will enable you to blow your debris up or down hill.

With the Aim-N-Shoot nozzle, The Force enables you to work around flowerbeds and blow mulch back into the flowerbeds. It also works well around cars and buildings, it really is an efficient way to clear debris.

With the Aim-N-Shoot you won’t have to throttle the engine down again, you simply move the lever to adjust the Aim-N-Shoot nozzle and direct the debris or leaves to where you want them to go. There is no downtime at all, The Force just keeps on going! The Force really is an indispensable tool for cleaning up as autumn leaves and many other tasks in the garden and yard.

Accessories For The Billy Goat Force Blower

The first accessory is a parking brake which traps the rear wheel on the left-hand side, simply use your foot to engage the parking brake and then disengage the parking brake with your hand. This is a really handy feature for securing your machine on inclines.

Our final accessory for The Force is the lockdown kit mounted to either a truck or trailer bed the lockdown kit is the easiest way to secure your Force Blower without straps or ropes, very timesaving indeed.

Simply position the blowers axle over the lockdown kit step on the lever and simply pull the pin back, lower the axle in the slot and release the lever, the machine is then safe and secure.

To me, the lockdown kit is a great idea, all my life I have carried machines on trailers and had the job of strapping or groping the machine on. To have a lockdown kit on your trailer to me is a perfect and simplest way to keep your machine secure and also very quick.

You Can Watch My YouTube Video below On Wheeled Leaf Blowers

Quiet Power

I don’t think any of us want to disturb our neighbours and those around us with a noisy blower. The revolutionary new design makes the Force Blower the quietest machine in its class. The nylon fan and polymer housing reduce noise by up to 3 dB making it the quietest machine in its class. This will enable you to work earlier in the morning with fewer complaints (just remember there’s always one has to complain!)

Three Different Models And Various Engine Sizes

The Force is available in different models, The Force nine featuring the ever-popular Subaru EX or the Honda GX engines with a four-inch exhaust.

The Force 13 featuring the Honda GX engine with a 5-inch exhaust.

And the newest model to the range is The Force 18 which features a Vanguard V- Twin Briggs & Stratton engine with a 6-inch exhaust.

The unique benefit that makes The Force totally versatile to own and operate is that you can customise it to fit your own needs. Remember at Billy Goat we just don’t make products; we build them to work like you would want them to!

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