Watch This Before Buying A Robotic Mower

Watch This Before Buying A Robotic Mower
Watch This Before Buying A Robotic Mower
Watch This Before Buying A Robotic Mower

The title on my thumb now today is watch this before buying a robotic mower. Traditionally, robotic mowers, like this Robomow, needed a perimeter wire. You can see in the video the Robomow robotic mower going up and down. The funny part is, they don’t go up and down; they sort of go randomly across the lawn. You might think they’re going to miss bits, but by the time they finish, they have completed the whole lawn with every blade of grass cut. However, it doesn’t do it in a uniform way, so a perimeter wire has to be installed all around the outside of the lawn and around flower beds and any other obstacles.

This is absolutely fine, but it does take time, and it’s important that the installation is done correctly. Have a look at the video below where it shows a perimeter wire installation.


Watch The Video Below






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Installation Challenges


They’re using a machine to lay the wire. I used to just tack the cable down on top of the lawn with pegs, which worked fine. Within two or three weeks, the grass would have grown over the cable, so you can’t see it. The danger is that the cable can get damaged, or if you want to change the layout of your lawn, you need to re-lay the cable. The technology of having robotic mowers that don’t need a cable is brilliant.


Proper Installation is Key


For example, the wire needs to be put equally around the edge, which is fine. You can either get someone to install the wire for you or do it yourself, but just allow enough time. Don’t rush the job because the better the installation, the less mowing and the fewer after-bits you’ll have to do, like trimming. If you put the cable in correctly, then you can get the mower right up to the edge.

The other problems are that it does need to be installed accurately, it can be damaged, and if you change it out in the garden, you need to put a new cable in or an extension cable, which isn’t a problem. They give you wire clips, but I must admit I do like the sound of these robotic mowers.


Satellite-Guided Robotic Mowers


Here, I’m on Kress’s website, and their robotic mowers are satellite-guided. It says the mower requires no antenna on your property. Now, there are quite a few manufacturers. Husqvarna manufacturers satellite guided mowers, I won’t give you a list because here we have all sorts of robotic mowers on our website. The technology is improving all the time, so many mowers that didn’t offer it a year ago now have this technology. They are slightly dearer, but I would say that long-term it’s worth it.


The Joy of Robotic Mowing


I know that some people love cutting their lawn at the weekend. It’s can be very therapeutic for some people, especially if they have been in the office all week. However, if you’re one of those people who don’t like cutting your lawn, then a robotic mower is definitely worth looking at. I’ve seen quite a few gardens where you see the robotic mower at work. These are smaller machines, but we also have bigger ones like this Belrobotics Big Mow, which is quite a sizable machine that will do parks and football pitches. That’s a different level compared to these domestic-user robotic mowers.




If you’re looking for a robotic mower, I would definitely think about having one that doesn’t need a perimeter wire. I believe that it’s worth it. I’m told that the technology is there now, so you can actually get a machine that will stripe your lawn. Rather than going in a random cutting direction, they can go up and down, which is much better and more efficient.

If you have any questions about this video, please feel free to leave a comment, and I will try to get back to you. Thanks very much for watching.