John Deere HPX815E Gator

John Deere HPX815E Gator
John Deere HPX815E Gator
        John Deere HPX815E Gator


Today we are looking at a very useful piece of equipment known as the John Deere HPX815E Gator. I haven’t used this particular model of the John Deere Gator, but I have used similar models which are an excellent workhorse in the garden or estate.

It is always difficult to know the best way to move things around the garden, the humble wheelbarrow is still a great tool in the garden. I also find that the large two-wheeled type of stable barrows which are good for grass clippings and leaves etc. However, if you’re carting something heavier like earth or compost then this type of barrow cannot be used to full capacity.


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I have used electric and petrol power barrows in the garden, these are good, we will look at these power barrows another day.

I think one of the best inventions to come out in recent years, is the John Deere Gator. It offers a low ground pressure, compact and carrying capabilities that are great for use in the garden or estate. Once you have owned a Gator you will probably hardly use your traditional garden wheelbarrow and never look back!


John Deere Gator
                          John Deere Gator


John Deere HPX815E Gator

The John Deere HPX815E Gator is described as a work serious utility vehicle. This particular model comes with four-wheel drive as standard, two-wheel-drive models are available on some models, although I would always recommend four-wheel drive if your budget allows.



The cargo box has a 16.4 ft³ capacity which can carry up to a thousand lbs in weight (450 kg), in other words getting near to half a ton. It also features a pickup style tailgate which in my experience is very useful indeed. This particular model comes with a powerful diesel engine, petrol models and electric model is available. I like the economy of the diesel engine myself.

The Gator utility vehicle has a precision-engineered drivetrain system to utilise engine power and increase acceleration. In turn, this helps with its hauling, towing and hill-climbing capabilities. Power is transmitted to a variable clutch system that then goes to the transaxle. This power system offers variable speed drive.


John Deere HPX815E Gator Precision Engineered Drive System
John Deere HPX815E Gator Precision Engineered Drive System


Variable speed drive

The variable speed drive system consists of two clutches and a drive belt. The drive clutch is attached to the engine which is then rotated by the engine. This then is attached to the drives and the transaxle.


Variable Speed Drive System
        Variable Speed Drive System


How variable-speed drive works

As the engine speed increases on the Gator, the spring-loaded drive clutch is closed by weights that are forced out by a centrifugal force. When the drive clutch closes, the belt rides up the largest diameter of the drive clutch which enforces open the driven clutch. With a belt running in the smallest diameter of the driven clutch the speed that is being transferred to the transaxle is increased.

The driven clutch is able to sense varying loads, like mud and steep inclines etc. The speed can be varied up or down at a constant throttle setting.

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There is a two speed, fully enclosed, oil bath transaxle that allows superior pulling quality. The low range speeds are 0 to 12 mph and the high range is 0 to 25 mph.

Four-wheel drive is simply engaged by an electric rocker switch. When the rocker switches in the four-wheel-drive position the front differential will automatically lock for extra traction when needed. If the rocker switch is in the two-wheel-drive position the vehicle will remain in two-wheel drive.

Features on the John Deere HPX815E Gator

  • Highback bucket seats for the driver and one passenger.
  • Hip restraints that act as convenient and comfortable handholds.
  • Occupants protective structure that offers seat belts and passenger grab handles.
  • The bucket seats can be leaned forward to keep them dry in wet weather.
  • Easy entry platform.
  • Cupholders for operator comfort and ease.
  • 12 V charging socket for accessories like mobile phone charger.
  • Hour metre to keep track of service intervals.
  • Traction control which is known as a differential lock, easy reach hand lever between the seats.
  • Glovebox.
  • Tank gauge which is easily viewed from the operator’s seat.
  • Storage compartment located under the front hood.
  • Economical diesel engine.



Heavy Duty Suspension
                 Heavy-Duty Suspension



Heavy-duty suspension on the John Deere HPX815E Gator is standard. This Gator is equipped with a MacPherson strut, independent front suspension, which provides a comfortable ride and has excellent capabilities.

The heavy-duty, cast-iron, single A-arm provides 5.15 inch of suspension travel, which in turn, returns excellent handling and ride quality.

Safety Frame

As with all machinery safety is of great importance. The John Deere HPX815E Gator has a safety Frame built around the machine. These have been designed with safety, easy entry and exit and great visibility in mind.


Large Buck With Tailgate
        Large Buck With Tailgate


Cargo Box

The cargo box is constructed from a 15% glass fibre filled polypropylene composite material that eliminates dents, knocks and rust. When I see the word glass fibre I think that this may not be that tough enough. However, in my experience using this John Deere Gator’s the buck has withstood the test of time and it certainly appears like a very tough material.

The tailgate is similar to a pickup truck tailgate, however, the tailgate can be lowered further for convenience.

The deluxe cargo box offers integrated tie-down points which is exceptionally useful for securing items. Another feature is that the cargo box can quickly be converted into a flatbed to hold larger items as shown in the photograph below.

To Conclude

I have used the John Deere Gator’s on many occasions and I see these excellent machines being used in gardens, estates and golf courses. They are the modern version of a powered wheelbarrow! They’re ideal for moving tools around and for carting weeds, compost, grass clippings etc.

I really would recommend the John Deere Gator, personally I would go for the diesel model for fuel consumption. There is an electric model available which I have seen and is surprisingly, exceptionally quiet. So quiet that you don’t hear it coming. Just remember if you are looking at the electric model the top speed is slightly lower.


Engine power 13.57* kW
18.2 hp
Maximum traveling speed 0-25 mph (0-40 km/h) forward
0-12 mph (0-19 km/h) reverse
Cargo box dimensions 1143 x 304.8 x 1320 mm
45 x 12 x 52 in.
Cargo box capacity (weight) 454 kg
1000 lb
Towing capacity 590 kg
1300 lb
Front suspension Independent with McPherson Strut
Rear suspension Coil over shock
Final drive Two speed, oil bath
Four wheel drive Yes
Fuel capacity 20.1 L
5.3 U.S. gal.


Type 3 cyl, 4-cycle diesel
Displacement 854 cc
Power 13.57* kW
18.2 hp
Cooling system Liquid


Transmission Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT)
Final drive Two speed, oil bath
Four wheel drive Yes
Traction assist Positive locking, mechanically actuated (hand-operated)
Descent control No
Maximum traveling speed 0-25 mph (0-40 km/h) forward
0-12 mph (0-19 km/h) reverse


Front Independent with McPherson Strut
Rear Coil over shock


Type Hydraulic Disc brakes
Park brake Rear mechanical disk, hand operated

Tires / Wheels

Front 24 x 9.5-10
Rear 24 x 12.0-10

Dimensions / Capacities

Wheelbase 1910 mm
75.2 in.
Dry weight 681 kg
1526 lb
Length 2743 mm
108 in.
Width 1506 mm
59.3 in.
Height 1867 mm
73.5 in.
Tread centers Front: 1257.3 mm
Front: 49.5 in.
Rear: 1219.3 mm
Rear: 48 in.
Ground clearance 152.4 mm
6 in.
Fuel capacity 20.1 L
5.3 U.S. gal.
Cargo box dimensions 1143 x 304.8 x 1320 mm
45 x 12 x 52 in.
Cargo box capacity (weight) 454 kg
1000 lb
Payload capacity 635 kg
1400 lb
Towing capacity 590 kg
1300 lb
Hitch Standard 2-in receiver


Color Green/Yellow
Power steering No
Battery / Alternator / Power port 480 CCA 40 amp @ 3200 rpm
Storage Cup Holders, Glovebox
Seating Bucket Seats (Bench Available)
Headlights Halogen



Length 1143 mm (45 in.)
Width 1320 mm (52 in.)
Depth 304 mm (11 in.)
Volume 0.46 m3 (16.4 cu ft)
Weight capacity 454 kg (1000 lb)
Dump angle 47 degrees