The McConnel Robocut RC56

The McConnel Robocut RC56
The McConnel Robocut RC56

The McConnel Robocut RC56 is a remote-controlled power unit which is designed to take a series of different attachments. I believe that the Robocut’s prime purpose was to have a flail head attached to the front of the machine. However, there is a choice of attachments to make your McConnel Robocut into a truly universal machine. I really like the idea of having a range of attachments for one power unit. Especially as the machine is radio remotely operated.

Recently we looked at the smaller McConnell Robocut RC40 and even smaller McConnell RC28. The McConnel Robocut RC56 offers a bit more flexibility, especially if you want that extra power for the extra attachments.

Having owned several radio remote machines, I can really see the benefit of the McConnel Robocut machines. I believe that one of the prime benefits of the machine is being able to stand away from the Robocut and work on slopes at the same time.

In the past, I have cut many banks with brush cutters and zero-turn mowers. Looking at the Robocut, it looks like it cuts banks with ease. It’s far easier being able to stand one away from the machine rather than walking behind it or even sitting on the machine. So often, motorway banks & areas are very rough and uneven for the operator.




  • 40% increase in power on the previous machine.
  • 20% increased fuel efficiency.
  • New safety flail control system.
  • McConnel Robocut will work on slopes up to 55°.
  • Precision radio remote control with hydraulic float system.
  • GPS auto steer, which enables maximum productivity.
  • Fully enclosed body panels to keep grass out.
  • Larger fuel tank allowing six hours between fill-ups.
  • Safety system for the hydraulic front hood.
  • The new digital control system enables the batteries to be charged onboard Robocut.
  • 56 hp Hatz diesel engine.
  • Maximum stability due to 50-50 weight distribution.
  • Low centre of gravity and twin roll bars for greater slope capacity.

Diesel Engine

The McConnel Robocut RC56 is powered by a three-cylinder Hatz diesel engine. The engine develops 56 hp (42 kW) at 2800 revs per minute. I have used this particular Hatz engine on a different machine; I was impressed with the power unit. The engine is water-cooled and has a reversible fan that keeps the radiator clear of debris, a very novel idea. In the summertime, I have experience radiators becoming blocked very quickly in the summer months when everything is dry.

The diesel fuel tank has a capacity of 38 L, which lasts about six hours.

Rubber Tracks

There are two types of rubber tracks available for the McConnell Robocut. The standard rubber tracks allow you to work at an angle of 40°. Or the optional rubber tracks with spikes that allow a maximum working angle of 55°. The rubber tracks are self-tightening, so no spanners or grease gun is required, which is a great idea.


Find McConnel Robocut On EBay
Find McConnel Robocut On EBay


Radio Remote

The radio remote has a working range of 150 m, which is quite a distance. The remote has an impressive array of controls that allows you to control the machine from the radio remote 100%. The radio remote’s batteries are rechargeable and can be recharged on the machine itself. This is a great idea as it means there is no need to have a separate charger in a vehicle, and there is no need to leave the machine.


The weight of the McConnel Robocut RC56 is 1200 kg. The great thing is that the machine is tracked, so the footprint is very light on the soil. This is ideal when the ground is wet, as the machine should keep on top of the ground in normal cases. The flail weight varies depending on which rotor width you use. The smaller 1.3 m flail head is 160 kg.

Wide Range Of Attachments

The McConnell Robocut is able to cope with a wide-ranging of attachments. The attachments are a flail mower, rotary turf mower, a forest clearance attachment and a mulching attachment. We then have a stump grinder, wood chipper and snowblower. There is a range of buckets and blades, a trencher. And for the landscaper, there is a rotary tiller and a power harrow, along with a rake and a rotary brush.

To Conclude

I like the idea of radio remote machinery, especially machines designed for cutting rough areas and banks etc. It is certainly much easier and safer than walking or sitting on or behind a machine. You can find out more on the McConnell Robocut RC56 website.


Make HATZ, 3 cylinder, turbo, tier 4 final
Horsepower 56hp (42kw) @ 2800 rpm
Torque 185Nm
Fuel Diesel
Fuel tank capacity 38 litres
Water-cooled radiator 3 core havy duty
Self-cleaning (reversible fan) Standard manual and automatic
Transmission Fine control hydrostatic
Maximum noise levels 77dB(A)


Independent flailhead circuit Closed circuit piston
Max 59 l/min @ 2800 rpm 350 Bar
Independent track drive circuit 2 x closed circuit piston
Max 62 l/min @ 2800 rpm 300 Bar
Aux service 1 double acting auxillery service for additional service
16 l/min at 210 bar, double acting
Independent intercooler Standard
Oil tank capacity 20 litres (40 litres held in system)
Biodegradable oil
Attachment lift capacity 550kg


Rubber Standard ~ max working angle 40°
Rubber with spikes Optional ~ max working angle 55°
Self-tightening Standard
Length (axle to axle) 1192mm

Remote Controls

Working range 150m
Frequency 434Mhz (certified by CE legislation)
Battery Interchangeable, rechargeable, 2 with each unit, charge on machine
Proportional joysticks Standard


Overall width 1300mm
Overall length (without attachment) 2285mm
Overall height 1050mm


ROBOCUT RC56 1200kg
Flailhead Depends on size


Potentiometer speed control
(0 – 100%)
1st gear (low range)
Forward and back, 0 – 3,5km/h2nd gear (low range)
Forward and back, 0 – 7km/h

Flailhead / Attachment

Oil flow 59 l/min
Pressure 350 Bar
Rotor speed 3300 rpm
Front and rear flaps Standard
Flails Y – Flails for cutting grass and light wood up to 30mm diameter
J (hammer) – Flails for cutting thick grass and wood up to 50mm diameter
Rotor width 1.3m to 1.9m
Roller diameter 100mm
Cutting height range
(via roller adjustment)
20mm – 85mm (5 positions)
Flailhead can be lifted to cut higher
Hydraulic lift -300mm to +400mm
Floatation (angle) 14° up and down (+/-)