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Special Offers On Mountfield Ride On Lawnmowers

Mountfield 2248H Rear Collection (Hydrostatic) Ride On Lawnmower
Mountfield 2248H Rear Collection (Hydrostatic) Ride On Lawnmower


Mountfield is offering up to £400 discount on their large range of ride-on lawnmowers. Already we are halfway through August and the summer is rushing by, it may seem a bit late to buy a lawnmower, but with these discounts, this may be an excellent time to purchase a new Mountfield ride on mower. Incidentally, there have been many times when I’m cutting lawns on Christmas Eve, however, the conditions do have to be right! It’s always good to have a well-manicured lawn for Christmas day!

Mountfield has been making lawnmowers for over 50 years and has built up a good reputation for good machines that are reliable and will be good workhorses for many years especially if you are prepared to take care of your machine and service it regularly.

Not every garden is suitable for a ride on mower if you have lots of obstacles and trees and shrubs etc to go round you may be better off with a good roller rotary lawnmower or even a wheeled mower. However, if your garden is half an acre plus, then in normal terms I would recommend purchasing a ride-on mower.

Mountfield 827M Compact Ride On Lawnmower

Mountfield 827M Compact Ride On Lawnmower
Mountfield 827M Compact Ride On Lawnmower


The Mountfield range of lawnmowers starts with the Mountfield 827M compact lawn rider which is just 26 inches (66 cm) wide, this is very narrow indeed, perfect for getting into a small tight space. I would like to add that this machine is an entry-level ride on mower and comes with manual transmission, so, in other words, a gearbox. I would recommend in most cases if your budget allows going for a machine with hydrostatic transmission as these machines are far quicker and easier to use than a manual gearbox.

You can find out more about the Mountfield 827M compact lawn rider here, the price for this machine is just £1299 it is actually very good value for a ride-on lawnmower, it comes with two years warranty.

Mountfield 1328H Compact Ride On Lawnmower

Mountfield 1328H Compact Ride On Lawnmower
Mountfield 1328H Compact Ride On Lawnmower


The Mountfield 1328H compact ride-on lawnmower is a slightly larger mower than the above machine, although still very compact at 28 inches (71 cm) and still large enough to fit through most garden gates. Although this machine is slightly more expensive at £1599 it does come with hydrostatic transmission which to me is a huge benefit and much better than a manual gearbox model. You can find out more about the Mountfield 1328H compact ride on lawn mower here. This ride-on lawnmower comes with two years warranty

Hydrostatic Transmission

Hydrostatic transmission is the most common way to power a modern lawnmower, it is more expensive than a manual gearbox, however, it really does make your lawnmower much more versatile and efficient and the whole mowing experience much more pleasurable, I would always choose hydrostatic transmission over a manual gearbox providing your budget allows. Hydrostatic transmission enables you to have instant variable forward and reverse speeds either through a foot pedal or lever.

More Ride On Lawnmowers

Mountfield 2248H Rear Collection (Hydrostatic) Ride On Lawnmower

Now we come to the other end of the scale, if you’re looking for a large ride-on we have the Mountfield 2248H Rear Collection (Hydrostatic) Ride On Lawnmower this machine can cut up to 5 acres. It is currently selling for £3999 with a £400 discount while stocks last. Mountfield also give a five-year warranty, so they are obviously confident that there machine is built to last!

Mountfield 2248H Rear Collection (Hydrostatic) Ride On Lawnmower
Mountfield 2248H Rear Collection (Hydrostatic) Ride On Lawnmower


This particular machine is powered by a 656 cc twin cylinder Briggs and Stratton engine I have actually had personal experience with these engines and they really are very good. The transmission is hydrostatic which means you have total control over the machine whether you are cutting lush spring grass or collecting leaves. The machine has seven different height settings and a mulch plug should you require to mulch the grass, this is a great option to have especially in dry weather.

The cutting deck width is 48 inches (122 cm) which with a deck this size will produce excellent work rates. This particular model comes with a 320 L capacity grass collection box which is released from the driver’s seat. There is also a towbar which is a great asset for those jobs in the garden.

Mountfield 1636H Rear Collection Ride on Lawnmower

Mountfield 1636H Rear Collection Ride on Lawnmower
Mountfield 1636H Rear Collection Ride on Lawnmower


If you’re looking for a mid-range ride-on lawnmower, maybe the Mountfield 1636H Rear Collection Ride on Lawnmower could be a good option for you. This machine is priced at £2199 and currently has a £300 discount on the price.

The machine is powered by a Mountfield 452 cc engine and has a cutting width of 92 cm which I believe is around 36 inches which makes this machine reasonably compact but at the same time, you can cut reasonably sized areas of lawn.

There are seven cutting height positions on this particular machine and the grass box capacity is 260 L which gives plenty of room for leaves and grass clippings. You can find out more about the Mountfield 1636H Rear Collection Ride on Lawnmower and other machines here.

To Conclude

As always, I would try and purchase the best machine that you can afford, a ride on lawnmower can last you many years if you respect them and service it regularly.

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Review Of The Predator 28 And 38 Radio Remote Stump

Review Of The Predator 28 And 38 Radio Remote Stump Grinder

Predator 28 Radio Remote Stump Grinder
Predator 28 Radio Remote Stump Grinder


Here is my review of the Predator 28 and 38 radio remote stump grinder you can also see the video below that I have created.

I haven’t created this review to be negative, it’s just a general review of my experience of the Predator 38 and 28 stump grinders, I would be very interested in hearing about other people’s experience, good and bad.

First of all, I would like to give a positive review for the Predator 38 stump grinder, I have had the Predator 38 tree stump grinder on hire from Ben Burgess several times and have probably clocked up around a hundred hours of use with this machine. I believe that the Predator 38 and 28 stump grinders are the narrowest machines in their class on the market, both narrow down to 26 inches (66 cm) which is fantastic, if you have used the traditional pedestrian stump grinders you will understand why it is so useful to get through narrow gateways and not have to struggle with a pedestrian machine.

You Can See My Video Review below


Predator 28 Radio Remote Stump Grinder

I purchased my Predator 28 radio remote machine in October 2016, I have to say I have had my fair share of problems which I will talk about more in this review post. I guess in the three years of owning my Predator, I have probably called them 150 to 200 times in under three years. I would also guess that I have had approximately 40 breakdowns that have stopped me working! I have to say that the Predator 38 has given me absolutely no problems at all and in my experience it’s a good machine to purchase. The biggest plus point is that the Predator 38 has a fair amount of power for a machine of this size and can cope with any sized tree stump.

On the downside, it does use a lot of petrol, if you’re using the Predator 38 continually for a day it will use around £100 worth of fuel, on my Predator 28 diesel machine I will probably use about £30 worth of red diesel. However, probably on an average day, I will use around £35 worth of fuel with the petrol machine. You can see another post I wrote about the fuel consumption of the Predator 38 here.

I purchased my Predator 28 radio remote diesel stump grinder back in October 2016, prior to this I had been using a Carlton Lombardini diesel radio remote 4012 machine and also a petrol SP2000 pedestrian machine.

The biggest reason for me purchasing the Predator 28 was due to the compactness of the machine, which has proved to be a very useful feature time and time again.

I went for the radio remote machine with a Lombardini diesel engine, the machine that Predator demonstrated to me was a manual machine which I had no intention of buying, but it was the only one they had available for a demonstration. If you are buying a stump grinder and there is a radio remote option, I would definitely go for it, it is so much easier to use and saves a lot of time.

Exhaust Issues

I hadn’t carried out many hours work when probably at around 10 hours work the jubilee clip that assists holding the baffles on the exhaust broke, I did kind of expect this to happen as jubilee clips are certainly not strong enough for holding anything like an exhaust in place. Also, in my experience of Lombardini engines, it’s very rare to see them with the exhaust in the right place after they have been used on a stump grinder. I have experienced this with my Carlton machine and the Predator.

Predator Lombardini Exhaust Issue

After the jubilee clips broke that was quickly followed by the baffle plate vibrating loose and literally tearing the metal on the exhaust. I understand that it is much better not to have anything attached to the exhaust whatsoever otherwise this only causes issues. I believe I am on my fourth exhaust and will be on my fifth exhaust in about a weeks time.

Have you experienced problems with your Lombardini exhaust lasting? I have certainly had issues over the years with keeping an exhaust in one-piece!

Multi-Tip Cutting Wheel

The Predator comes with Predators own multi-tip cutting wheel, the wheel consists of six teeth, two of which carry out the main grinding and the other four are clearance teeth. All the teeth are identical and changing the teeth is exceptionally simple, just one bolt to hold the teeth in place, the teeth can literally be changed in a few minutes.

In my experience, I’m really pleased with the performance and the ease of changing teeth. I’ve used the old-fashioned finger teeth which are very time consuming to change and break regularly in my experience and I have also tried green teeth, without much success.

Predator Multi-Tip Cutting Wheel
Predator Multi-Tip Cutting Wheel


Unfortunately, after about 30 hours of work, I started to break lots of bolts that hold the teeth in place, on average I was breaking three per day. I purchased a new multi-tip cutting wheel which again solved the problem, however, after 30 hours the problems started again. Predator did tell me that they had had a few issues with some soft metal wheels that had not been hardened properly. In fairness to Predator, they gave me a new cutting wheel free of charge. The only problem being that because I was breaking so many bolts, it wasn’t always possible to find the teeth and the blocks that hold the teeth in, which obviously incurs more cost in replacing them.

Apart from this issue, the multi-tip cutting system has been the best cutting system that I have used.

What is your experience with stump grinder cutting wheels and which system do you prefer?

Incidentally, I have just had the main cutter head bearing replaced after approximately 800+ hours which I reckon is pretty good as the cutter head takes a beating in the best possible way. I always give one or two pumps of grease before carrying out a days work. Apparently, on this machine, you can over grease and push the seals out if you’re not careful, hence the one or two pumps of grease.

Belts To The Cutter Head

The belts to the cutter head are something that in my experience need quite a bit of attention, I fully understand and appreciate that these belts are under considerable load most of the time. Obviously, new belts stretch, so after around six or seven hours it is important to tighten up the belts.

This is a reasonably straightforward process, originally I used to take the five bolts that hold the rubber guard off but now I have cut through the rubber guard, so I simply have to take the metal belt guard off to access the cutter head belts.

Predator Belts To Cutter Head
Predator Belts To Cutter Head


To tighten the belts release the four bolts that hold the cutter head on and then undo the nut that releases the cam to tighten the belts. The process can be a little bit awkward when you first carry it out, but it does get easier once you have done the process a few times. The adjuster is a square-headed bolt, I actually have a socket that fits this on a large lever that makes the job much easier.

I’ve actually had the three cutter head belts last up to 300 hours on the other end of the scale I have had the belts last three hours, I have no idea why, but this has happened, unfortunately. I also find that I am tightening these belts a bit more often than I would actually like to, I’m not sure if this is due to vibration from the diesel engine as when I had the petrol machine on hire I didn’t have to make any adjustments at all.

One of the issues that I’ve had with the cutter head adjustment is a spacer/bolt that seems to break regularly, it is a known problem.

Cutter Head Bolt And Spacer
Cutter Head Bolt And Spacer


As the video shows, I have actually had my bolts changed around as the threads were getting a bit worn, to my mind the new way is much better.

The Electric Clutch

Both the predator 38 and 28 have an electric clutch to engage the cutter head, I always engage the cutter head on tick over as I don’t like to see the cutter head snatching in as I feel this shortens the life of the electric clutch. However, unfortunately on the petrol machine, you have to have a few revs to engage the clutch, otherwise, the machine will simply stall. I am told that with the new petrol model with the Kohler EFI engine you can engage the electric clutch on tick over which is great news.

I have had no issues with the electric clutch so far.

Engine Drive Belts

In general, the engine Drive belts have lasted quite well, there are three belts from the engine then go onto a pulley system and then three more belts that go to the cutter head.

Unfortunately, my first engine Drive belts broke at 19 hours, however, the next set of three belts lasted well over 500 hours and the present set of belts have done about 300 hours of work.

To adjust these belts is very straightforward, simply loosen four large bolts on the base of the machine and to the rear of the machine, there is a thread where you simply turn the bolt to tighten the belts, very straightforward indeed.

Lombardini Diesel Engine Issues

I’m afraid my experience with Lombardini diesel engines hasn’t been brilliant! On my Carlton stump grinder, which was powered by the same Lombardini engine, the crankcase casting cracked. It was only a hairline crack but it was replaced under warranty as apparently, Lombardini had a batch of castings that were faulty.

I also owned a Lombardini diesel engine on a BCS rotavator, believe it or not, this engine was fine, however, the machine was stolen so I never found out if the engine was long-lasting or not or even trouble-free!

First Lombardini Engine

Anyway back to my present Predator 28 stump grinder, after just 30 hours the engine failed to start, apparently, this was due to the engine sucking in some soundproofing material that was on the flywheel cover. I did notice when the machine was delivered that this material was loose, however, I didn’t take much notice as I knew it had all been pre-checked.

When the engine was checked by the local Lombardini agent, they discovered that the machine had sucked in the soundproofing and the engine had overheated, this engine was replaced under warranty.

Second Lombardini Engine

My second Lombardini engine managed about 650 hours, obviously, I checked the oil regularly and I suddenly noticed that the engine had used more oil than normal. In general, the engine burns very little oil, I probably add a small amount about every six weeks in normal conditions. The recommended time for changing the oil is 200 hours but I tried to change the oil at 100 hours as I feel it’s better to change the oil regularly rather than wear metal!

When my local Lombardini dealer stripped the engine down they discovered that dirt had entered into the engine, I don’t quite understand this as I’m always extremely careful with maintenance. The engine has a oil bowl filter which I am told is the best for dusty conditions. There’s also a clear Dyson type prefilter which removes most of the dirt and dust, which then goes through to the oil bowl and then through to a mesh filter and finally a spongelike filter before the air finally reaches the engine. I would expect with all these cleaning processes for the air to be clean.

I will clean the prefilter two or three times a day, depending on conditions and I will also change the oil in the oil bath filter halfway through the day if the conditions are poor.

However, despite this maintenance, I had to replace the engine at cost to myself! I see many tree surgeons who rarely clean their air filters out and yet they don’t seem to have had the problems that I have had!

Third Lombardini Engine 

After being unbelievable careful with this new Lombardini engine after just 160 hours the exact problem had started again. I checked the oil and on one particular occasion, I noticed that the engine had used more oil than it should have done! So now we are back to square one and another new engine is coming!

Fourth Lombardini Engine Coming

The engineers removed the air filter in front of me and to me, the air manifold looked clean, however, they did say that small amount of dirt had got through the filter and into the engine!

To me, the air filter is not doing the job if dirt is getting through. I have genuinely been cleaning the filter daily and more as I mentioned previously.

Just the other day I was speaking to a tree surgeon about the issue and he mentioned that he had a problem with his Timberwolf chipper in the morning. Apparently, it was blowing out black smoke and not revving properly. He checked the air filter and he said is absolutely blocked solid and once he cleaned the air filter the engine ran perfectly. I asked him how often he checked the air filter and he said he only checks it when there is a problem!

It really doesn’t make sense why these engines are wearing out so rapidly, especially as I am an owner-operator and take care to keep the engine clean.

What has been your experience with Lombardini engines on your Predator or any other stump grinder come to that?

Hydraulic Cooling Fan

The Predator radio remote stump grinders have an electric cooling fan to cool the hydraulics, this is due to the oil getting warmer with the radio remote stump grinders.

Hydraulic Cooling Fan
Hydraulic Cooling Fan

I am now on my fourth fan and so far this latest fan has lasted me several hours, fortunately, Predator has replaced these cooling fans free of charge. I believe that the issue with the fan is probably more due to the vibration of the diesel engine.

What’s your experience with the hydraulic cooling fan on your Predator?

The Fuel Pipe Burst

After about 40 hours of use the rubber fuel pipe burst, spraying diesel everywhere. I had to call the local engineers out to replace the rubber fuel pipe. On inspection of the old fuel pipe, it didn’t look like it was up to standard, thankfully the issue hasn’t happened anymore!

Predator Fuel Pipes
Predator Fuel Pipes


Hydraulic Oil Leaks

Ever since I have had my Predator there has been a hydraulic oil leak from the main hydraulic oil tank. I appreciate on top of the oil tank there is a breather and the system has to discharge a small amount of oil, however, this is more like a river of oil!

There have been attempts to fix this issue, but so far with no success! Obviously with oil leaking and then running onto the tracks can be an issue with people’s driveways, so there is a constant mopping process going on!

Have you had hydraulic oil leaks on your Predator?

Five Batteries In Three Years

It seems that my Predator 28 seems to get through a terrific amount of batteries!

The first battery went after about 60 hours, I called Predator to see if they could help, they talked me through a few checks over the phone which seem to point to the battery being the problem.

Predator 28 Battery
Predator 28 Battery


The RAC Came Out

it appeared that Predator were unable to come out to my breakdown, in fact, they have never been able to come out to a breakdown, so I decided to call the RAC!

The RAC came out and were slightly surprised that they were going to look at a stump grinder rather than a motor vehicle! However, the engineer was extremely helpful and carried out all the necessary tests that proved that the battery had failed. He was able to fit me and you battery but he did mention that it would not last due to the fact that the Predator battery is of a special specification for this machine due to the vibration. He was right, the battery lasted 48 hours!

I then purchased a third battery, I guess this lasted about a year before finally exploding on the golf course where I was working, this had to be seen to be believed!

I have never seen a battery explode before, however, after stopping the machine for about five minutes and turning the key to start the machine, aside literally blew out the battery! Thankfully this battery was replaced under warranty by Bosch.

The second Bosch battery stopped working for no apparent reason, so I’m now on the fifth battery that I had to pay for.

How has your battery been on your Predator?

Spool Valve Leak

I recently had to have the whole spool valve assembly resealed as it was leaking quite badly, it had been weeping for some time and then became considerably worse. Thankfully this issue is all fixed now.

Have you had any hydraulic leaks on your Predator stump grinder?

Charging Issues

I have also had several charging issues which is down to the Lombardini engine, I literally used to put the battery on charge permanently when I wasn’t using it rather than risking a breakdown. I had the engine checked several times and although it did have a replacement alternator or charging system replaced, it would definitely let me down if I didn’t charge the battery daily.

Radio Remote


I would definitely recommend paying the extra for the radio remote controls, it is so much easier and so much quicker to use than the manual machine.

As I mentioned earlier I have used the predator 38 stump grinder for approximately 100 hours and the radio remote has not failed me once.

Unfortunately, with my Predator 28 sometimes the radio remote can work faultlessly and although I don’t understand much about radio signals, I can appreciate that occasionally some interference is acceptable. However, sometimes my machine can cut out 40 times per day, once the radio remote cuts out the machine will stop, then you have to go through the starting procedure again.

I normally find that when the remote signal goes it will happen several times in a row and then just write itself on its own.

Due to the fact that the radio remote is losing its signal so often I have overridden the sensor on the rear door so that if I lose the signal the engine still keeps running, this saves a lot of messing around and stops the engine shutting off at full revs, which I don’t like happening.

Once again, the predator 38 stump grinder didn’t fail me once with the radio remote!

How has your experience been with your Predator radio remote?

Vibration Issues

I believe that many of the issues that I have had to deal with unfortunately come from having a diesel engine which brings vibration issues. After using the Predator 38 petrol machine I can see that the vibration is considerably less than the diesel machine.

Predator Vibration Issues
Predator Vibration Issues


As you can see in the photograph some of the guards have suffered from metal fatigue, once again I am sure this is from excessive vibration.

To Conclude

I feel that I have been quite unfortunate with my Predator 28 machine, it seems like I may have had a Friday afternoon machine, I also believe that the diesel engine has created a lot of vibration issues.

If I was purchasing now I would definitely go for the petrol machine as it has extra power, much less vibration than the diesel model and is much quieter which is actually really nice if you’re doing a days work!

As I mentioned earlier, the predator 38 radio remote petrol machine is a great all round machine, especially for getting in to those narrow gateways that we so often come up against in the UK. If you are looking for a stump grinder the petrol model could be a good option for you, I will definitely be looking at one.

It would be great to hear about your experience with your Predator mmachine or any other make of stump grinder that you are using.

Thank you for reading and please feel free to comment below.

Roy Bretton

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Predator Stump Grinder £100 Or £30 Of Fuel Per Day?

Predator 38 Radio Remote Stump Grinder
Predator 38 Radio Remote Stump Grinder

I’ve been using a Predator P28 diesel radio remote tracked stump grinder for the past 30 months, my previous stump grinders were a Carlton 4012 radio remote and a Carlton SP2000 pedestrian stump grinder. The P28 stump grinder comes with a Lombardini 28 hp two-cylinder diesel engine, I have had this particular engine on a few machines that I have owned. It’s quite a basic engine and a fairly old design I believe, however, it does seem to be reasonably economical.


Predator also produces a petrol version of this machine with a 38 hp engine. I’m not particularly keen on having large petrol engines on machines like stump grinders as the engines tend to work reasonably hard and I know from owning a Carlton 27 hp petrol stump grinder how much fuel they can potentially use.

I recently had the opportunity to try a Predator 38 hp petrol stump grinder, I have often tried to find out how much fuel the Predator petrol stump grinder would use a day, but I have to say I never really received a clear answer, which suggests to me that they would consume a lot of fuel and with an engine of this size I wasn’t expecting very good fuel efficiency! The answer normally came out that the petrol version uses more fuel but the work rate is much greater than the diesel version.

Predator 38 Petrol Stump Grinder
Predator 38 Petrol Stump Grinder

I Tried The Predator 38


I have to say I was looking forward to trying out the predator 38 stump grinder, with approximately 25% more horsepower I was expecting a very good work rate. I think probably one of the greatest features of the petrol version is the quietness of the engine. The version that I tried had the older Kohler engine which you have to choke almost every time to start the engine, even if the engine is warm, this was exactly the same with my Carlton Kohler petrol stump grinder, I’m not quite sure why they require so much choke all the time? Apparently, the latest petrol Predator stump grinders have the 38 hp EFI engine which has no choke which I am sure is much better for starting.

One of things that I always try to take care with, is to engage the cutter wheel on tick over, the diesel engine is able to do this with no problem, however, the petrol engine requires quite a few revs, otherwise, it just seems to stall the engine. I’m not particularly keen on revving an engine up and then letting the clutch snatch in, I believe it could add to problems later on in the machines life.

Performance And Fuel Efficiency

I didn’t notice any difference in power with the petrol stump grinder if I had not known the petrol engine was 38 hp against 28 hp I would have guessed the engines were similar sizes. It would have been interesting seeing the two machines working side-by-side, however, this is just my personal experience. You see a video of my diesel stump grinder working here.

I tried the petrol predator stump grinder on some Poplar tree stumps, these are not the easiest tree stumps to grind. I was quite surprised when the machine stopped after only one hour and twenty minutes, a tankful of diesel normally lasts me three hours continuous grinding before I need to refuel! I actually only used the Predator 38 for one day as I felt it was much cheaper to use my diesel machine.

I estimate to use around 5 L of diesel per hour which works out to around £30 for a day’s work (approximately eight hours continuous use) using red diesel at 75p per litre. If I was using the Predator 38 all day my estimation would be 100 L of diesel which would cost around £100, in other words, four jerry cans per day!

All The Machines Seem To Be Petrol

It appears that most of the smaller stump grinders and chippers are being powered by petrol engines, due to the emission laws. Personally, I think the emission laws are way over the top and although I agree it’s great to have clean engines, we also have to be practical.

With people moving over to petrol vehicles and machines, it does make me wonder if this is a government incentive to collect more tax. There is a huge difference between £30 and £100 worth of fuel per day!

What are your thoughts on the economics of petrol engines?

Do you think the government is just trying to collect more tax from us by burning more petrol?

Please feel free to comment below this blog post.

Thank you for reading.

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The Camon C8 Rotavator

CAMON C8 Rotavator
CAMON C8 Rotavator

The Camon C8 Rotavator has an excellent build reputation and is a very durable machine. The Camon C8 Rotavator is a favourite for hire companies as they know the durability of a machine and the excellent performance. The Rotavator comes with a two-year commercial warranty and a three-year warranty if you are a private user. The manufacturer has great confidence in the products, hence the generous warranty!

The Rotavator is ideal for the private individual, as well as for commercial use, such as the hire industry and professional landscapers.

The Camon C8 Rotavator is very easy to use, it comes with very straightforward controls, it is powered by a Honda engine, (Honda engines are renowned for their reliability). With the combined gear drive this makes the Camon C8 Rotavator a very versatile tool that will tackle most jobs.

Search Ebay

See More Two Wheeled Rotavators


The Camon C8 Rotavator is a two wheeled Rotavator, the wheels are driven, which helps to make the Rotavator very easy to use. There is an optional quick coupling if you need to remove the Rotavator and add other various attachments which are available as an optional extra.


CAMON C8 Rotavator | Specification
Engine Honda GX270 petrol
Net Power Output (3600 rpm) 6.3kW / 8.4hp
Fuel Tank Capacity 5.3L
Fuel Consumption (3600 rpm) 2.4L per hour
Starter Recoil
Working Width 52cm (20″)
Digging Depth 23cm (9″)
Gears 1 forward 1 reverse
Speeds (kph) I: 1.05 I: 2.68
Wheels 4.00 x 8 agricultural wheels
No of Tines 16
Weight 111kg
Warranty Domestic use – 3 years
Commercial use – 2 years
Dimensions (L x W x H) 170 x 64 x 120cm
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Hayter Heritage M10/30 Ride-On Lawn Mower

Hayter Heritage
Hayter Heritage

This compact and highly-manoeuvrable entry-level ride-on from esteemed British manufacturers Hayter Heritage M10/30 Ride-On Lawn Mower is the perfect choice for those with larger lawns who are looking to step-up from their old walk-behind mower.

At the heart of the machine is a very high-performance commercial-grade Briggs & Stratton engine with an impressive power-output of 10.5hp. The engine drives a hand-controlled infinitely-variable hydrostatic transmission for smooth, intuitive speed control; flexibility-of-use; and effortless manoeuvrability. Also, there is no need to stop to change gear with a hydro drive, so you’ll be able to get the job done far more quickly than you would with a manual ride-on.

You can see more of our ride on mower range here

The cutter-deck on the Hayter Heritage M10/30 Ride-On Lawn Mower is fully floating for a consistent cut on undulating ground and has been offset so you can cut right up to lawn edges and therefore consign your strimmer to the shed. The deck can be raised and lowered through six-stages (38 – 101mm) to suit the grass-type and the nature of the terrain you are working on.

The Hayter Heritage M10/30 has three cutting-modes (collect; mulch; rear-discharge), so you can choose the one that will be most effective for any given grass conditions, for example, mulching comes into its own on short, dry grass; while direct discharge is ideal if you’ve let the grass get a bit too long for bagging. Thanks to its super-tight turning-circle of just 60cm and reverse-gear, the Heritage M10/30 will cope easily with tight-spots and awkward corners. The hugely capacious grass-collector can be emptied from the driver’s seat; and the engine is fully enclosed for greatly reduced noise.

Search eBay For Hayter Heritage
Search eBay For Hayter Heritage


You Can Find The Hayter Heritage Ride On Lawn Mower On EBay

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DR Wheeled Strimmer Models – A Trimmer For Every Job

DR TR4 PRO - XL 8.75 PD ES Wheeled Trimmer/Mower
DR TR4 PRO – XL 8.75 PD ES Wheeled Trimmer/Mower

All DR wheeled strimmer models are designed to take the hard work out of strimming, in other words, a trimmer for every job! As the video shows below you can see how you can quickly trim around edges and overgrown areas. They make precise trimming in rough areas and around the garden edges in a one and all-powerful machine.

There are push models available and powered models, if you have a larger area of grass to cut, I would definitely go fo a wheel driven machine, it makes life much easier!

The DR wheeled trimmers are typically overpowered for the average edging job, however, you will appreciate the extra power when it comes to cutting longer and thicker grass. You can actually cut waist high field grass without any clogging or loss of power, the DR wheeled trimmer just keeps going!

The metal frames of the DR wheeled strimmer are made from 14 gauge steel. The large wheels are designed for years of hard work and to cope with challenging terrain.

Cutting Heights

All models carry the unique DR instant cutting height adjuster which enables you to quickly change the height of cut. The cutting adjustment feature enables you to change the cutting height instantly from 1.5 inches to 5.5 inches. No tools are required to adjust the height, just simply feed the nylon cord through the cutting head to the required cutting height on the cutting head.

Search eBay For Wheeled Strimmers
Search eBay For Wheeled Strimmers

Adjustable Offset Cutting Head

One of the great features of the DR wheeled strimmer is the fact that the cutting head can be offset at an angle to make it very simple to cut around buildings and fences et cetera and yet carry on in a normal forward walking direction. An excellent feature which makes trimming your edges so much easier and quicker. This feature is also very useful for cutting around borders before you mow, simply offset the cutting head and walk around your borders with the DR wheeled strimmer.

Cutting Cord

All DR wheeled strimmers are supplied with two types of quality nylon cutting cord, this is a much heavier cutting cord than the traditional handheld strimmer cutting cord. It’s also a quality grade of cutting cord. The cutting cord can be extended to cut a 20 inch cutting width which allows you to cover the ground very quickly.

Safety Clutch

Every DR wheeled strimmer is fitted with a safety blade clutch, so as soon as you release the handlebar clutch the cutter head will immediately stop spinning, making it very safe to use.

Now You’re Ready To Go!

Every DR wheeled strimmer comes ready to go, simply slide on the wheels and add oil and petrol and you’re ready to go. Happy trimming!

You Can See Our Of DR Wheeled Strimmer’s Below.

The DR 675 Premier wheeled trimmer is DR’s smallest wheeled strimmer, for more information click on the link or the photograph.

DR 675 Premier Wheeled Trimmer
DR 675 Premier Wheeled Trimmer


The next model up is the DR TR4 Premier ES wheeled trimmer which sells for £649 and comes with electric start. For more details click on the link or the photograph below.

DR TR4 Premier ES Wheeled Trimmer
DR TR4 Premier ES Wheeled Trimmer


The mid-range DR TR4 pro 7.25 recoil start wheeled trimmer is priced at £749 and is powered by 7.25 hp engine. For for details click on the link or the photograph below.

DR TR4 PRO 7.25 Recoil Wheeled Trimmer
DR TR4 PRO 7.25 Recoil Wheeled Trimmer


Here is the DR TR 4 pro recoil wheeled trimmer which sells for £799 and is powered by an 8.75 hp engine. See more details on this trimmer by clicking on the photograph below.

DR TR4 PRO 7.25 Recoil Wheeled Trimmer
DR TR4 PRO 7.25 Recoil Wheeled Trimmer


Finally, we have the largest model which is the DR TR 4 pro XL 8.75 PDES wheeled trimmer mower. This machine sells at £1099, for more details click on the link or the photograph below.

DR TR4 PRO - XL 8.75 PD ES Wheeled Trimmer/Mower
DR TR4 PRO – XL 8.75 PD ES Wheeled Trimmer/Mower


You can see other makes of wheeled trimmer here.

It’s also worth checking out eBay for other various models available.

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Review Of Robomow Robotic Lawnmowers

Robomow RS635 Pro SX Robotic Mower
Robomow RS635 Pro SX Robotic Mower

In this review, we are going to review the Robomow range of robotic lawnmowers and find out if they really do work, in fact, I know they do work as I have used them and installed Robomow for various customers.






You can take a look at my video review below if you prefer or both!

What Is A Robomow Robotic Lawnmower?

To put it briefly, a Robomow robotic lawnmower is a lawnmower that will cut your grass automatically, once Robomow is fully set up, it will literally mow your grass with no input from yourself, it can be a huge time-saving machine.

The Robomow range of robotic lawnmowers can actually cut your lawn whenever you want it to, you can even cut the grass in the middle of the night! It also has a rain sensor which will send it back to its home, in other words, it’s base station which acts as a charging port.

There are various Robomow models starting from £499 and going up to £2799, however, please don’t be put off by the price as these mowers can save you huge amounts of time. The smallest model cuts up to 150 m² and the largest model can cut lawns up to an acre and 1/4 which is really quite incredible, all done robotically!

What Are The Pros And The Cons?

The Pros

Three-year warranty

Fantastic lawn finish

Your lawn always has that freshly cut finish

Exceptionally low maintenance

Almost silent operation

No more walking or sitting on a lawnmower

Very low running costs

It’s a mulching mower, so no need to collect grass

Your grass stays greener for longer due to mulching

It’s a boy’s toy

Two decades in the robotic mowing business


Robomow can’t mow banks over 36%

Not suitable for every garden if you have lots of paths and obstacles

It takes time to set up, probably worth paying for a professional one-off set up

Don’t Be Put Off By The Cost

Don’t be put off by the cost of purchasing a Robomow robotic lawnmower and yes, I agree that the top of the range Robomow isn’t cheap, but it’s also good to remember there are many benefits.

With Robomow you will never need to spend time cutting your lawn, Robomow does this for you.

Once you have installed Robomow the running costs are exceptionally low, there is no petrol or diesel to buy and no real annual costs. A ride on lawnmower can quite easily cost around £400 a year to run and service.


Find Robomow On EBay
Find Robomow On EBay

Robomow Features

As I mentioned in a previous paragraph Robomow’s are not cheap, especially if you’re buying the top of the range model however ride on lawnmowers and quality walk behind mowers are not cheap either. One of the best things with a robotic lawnmower is that you have not spent half the weekend cutting the grass, Robomow mows for you.

Obviously, the larger machine that you purchase the quicker it will cut your lawn, however, the fact that you are not doing it yourself means that you buy the right machine that fits your size of lawn. The smallest machine will cut up to approximately 150 m² and the largest machine up to around 5000 m² which is absolutely amazing!

Apparently, Robomow likes one day off a week, which is a bit like me or preferably two days off a week! There is actually a genuine reason for this and apparently, by resting the batteries for one day a week it helps to give the batteries a much longer life.

The great thing is with Robomow is that Robomow can come out and cut the lawn whenever you program it to, so potentially it can cut the lawn every day, although realistically I would set it for 2 to 3 times per week depending on the growing season. It also gives you that continuous fresh manicured look.

Robomow is also covered by a three-year manufacturer’s warranty, which obviously means that the manufacturers have confidence in their products.

One thing that I would definitely do on an annual basis is to replace the blades as sharp blades make for a better-manicured lawn and they also cut more efficiently, putting less strain on the machine and taking less battery power.

Your Robomow will never run out of power, if it’s getting low on power, it will return to the base station, recharge and then once fully charged continue the cutting process.

Cutting Pattern

The first time that I used Robomow I was very surprised by the cutting pattern, I imagine it a go around the perimeter of the garden, which it does and then to go up and down. However, once it is gone around the perimeter of the garden it cuts randomly, but at the end of its cycle, all the lawn is perfectly cut.

Perimeter Wire And Installation

Although the technology on robotic lawnmowers is increasing all the time Robomow it still needs a perimeter wire all around your garden, it is important to take time carrying out the installation process. It may be worth employing a professional to set up your Robomow apparently there is such a service available, it depends how keen and patient you are to confidently set up Robomow.

The perimeter wire can be used to mark off flower borders and trees and any other obstacles etc.

It’s important to place the perimeter wire in the right place, Robomow comes complete with everything you need to set up, including pegs and the perimeter wire, extra cable and pegs are available if needed.

The perimeter wire is actually pegged down on top of the lawn, within a few weeks the grass will have totally grown over this cable and it will not be visible, Robomow will be the only person who can see it! The Robomow is cleverly designed so that it runs over this cable which enables it to get close to lawn edges and flower borders. Once again, it’s very important to spend time setting the perimeter wire up correctly as long term this can save you lots of time.

So How Does Robomow Perform?

I have actually seen lawns transformed by Robomow due to the fact of regular mowing and mulching that acts like a lawn feed which will also help keep your lawn much greener especially in dry periods.

One thing you need to be careful of is leaving obstacles on the lawn, I have seen customers with dogs will call me to say that there Robomow has stopped working only to discover that there is a dogs bone wedged underneath Robomow, it sounds silly, but it’s happened several times too. It is of utmost importance to keep your lawn clear of any obstacles.

If Robomow does hit something, it has the technology to back off and go in another direction, if it is something like a dog’s toy or bone it can get caught up in the machine which is not advisable.

If you like lawn stripes, I am afraid that this is something that Robomow cannot do, however, it can make your lawn look beautifully manicured. I have actually run a roller lawnmower over a lawn a few times a year which actually will stripe your lawn and leave the stripes in for a few weeks. It’s not a perfect solution but it does work if you really want stripes and I know it’s not quite the goal to use two lawnmowers!

Is A Robomow For You?

Providing your lawn is not full of obstacles then a Robomow can be a huge benefit to you. Not only in how your lawn looks but also in the amount of time it can save you at the weekend. It’s also quite a talking point when friends and family visit when they see your Robomow cutting the lawn by itself, it’s definitely a head turner.

Let’s Take A Look At The Robomow Models

You can see our various Robomow models here and below, you can also find Robomow on ebay here.

The Robomow RX12u Robotic Mower is the smallest and cheapest Robomow, priced at £499 this mower is suitable for lawns up 150 m².

Robomow RX12u Robotic Mower
Robomow RX12u Robotic Mower


Here is the slightly larger Robomow RX20u Robotic Mower that covers a lawn area up to 200 m², this Robomow is priced at £599.

Robomow RX20u Robotic Mower
Robomow RX20u Robotic Mower


The Robomow RC304u Robotic Mower is designed for lawns up to 500 m² and is priced at £999.

Robomow RC304u Robotic Mower
Robomow RC304u Robotic Mower


Here is the Robomow RC308 Pro X Robotic mower, this Robomow is designed to cut up to 800 m² of lawn and is priced at £1199.



Robomow RC308 Pro X Robotic mower
Robomow RC308 Pro X Robotic mower


Here is the Robomow RC312 Pro SX Robotic Mower which is designed to cut up to 1200 m² and is priced at £1699.

Robomow RC312 Pro SX Robotic Mower
Robomow RC312 Pro SX Robotic Mower


Here we have the Robomow RS625 Pro X Robotic Mower which is designed to cut up to 2600 m² and is priced at £2299.

Robomow RS625 Pro X Robotic Mower
Robomow RS625 Pro X Robotic Mower


Finally, we have our largest model which is the Robomow RS635 Pro SX Robotic Mower, this Robomow is designed to cut areas of approximately 5000 m² or 1.25 acres, it is priced at £2799.

Robomow RS635 Pro SX Robotic Mower
Robomow RS635 Pro SX Robotic Mower


Please feel free to comment below.



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Mulching Lawn Mowers Are They Worth Buying?

Stiga Multiclip 47 Blue Push Mulching Lawn mower
Stiga Multiclip 47 Blue Push Mulching Lawn mower

In this blog post, I’m going to be writing about mulching lawn mowers and are they worth buying? With so many lawnmowers on the market sometimes it is difficult to know what to choose, I hope that this article will help to answer some of your questions.

You can see a short video that I have created on mulching lawnmowers below. Please feel free to comment on this video and to subscribe to our channel.





Why Have a Mulching Lawnmower?

I think there are many of us who really enjoy cutting the lawn, however, many of us don’t enjoy having to continually empty the grass box. We all know what it’s like when the weather is unsettled and we have been away for a couple of weeks and the grass has become very long, we seem to have never-ending boxes of grass to empty, especially if it is the peak growing season.

The great thing with a mulching mower is that there are no grass clippings to collect, they are just mulched and allegedly disappear, which in principle is a great idea. Just remember that for a mulching mower to work really effectively grass really needs to be cut at least once a week.

Find Mulching Mowers On EBay
Find Mulching Mowers On EBay

How Does A Mulching Lawnmower Work?

With most lawnmowers the grass clippings are given an exit point where they can leave the mower quickly and efficiently if clippings can’t escape from the cutting deck, the engine will quickly lose power.

However, with a mulching mower, the idea is to keep the grass within the cutting deck for the longest period possible, in this way the clippings should be broken down into mulch. Something to remember with a mulching mower is that they do take considerably more power than a traditional mower with a collection system due to the fact that they are keeping the clippings within the mower deck. It is also of great importance to try and cut your lawn on a regular basis for maximum efficiency. You can still use a mulching mower on slightly longer grass, for example, if you have been away for a couple of weeks. But just remember the finish won’t be so good and to mulch grass efficiently it needs to be carried out on a regular basis.

What Type Of Mulching Mower Do I Purchase?

There are many different types of mulching lawnmower, from push models to powered models and to ride on machines. I particularly like the articulated ride on mulching mowers as they are exceptionally manoeuvrable and very efficient at mulching your grass clippings.

There are also machines that are actually designed for mulching and there are other manufacturers that have converted their machines to mulch. In general and in my experience I have found that the best mulching mowers are the ones that are actually designed to mulch rather than an afterthought.

Here Are A Few Examples of Mulching Mowers

Our very cheapest mulching mower starts at £189 and is an electric mower that includes a mulch plug. I have to say that I don’t know if a mower like this really has enough power to mulch efficiently, I would personally go for a petrol machine as I’m fully aware that mulching does take power.

If you would like more details on the AL-KO 40E Comfort Electric Lawn mower (incl. mulch plug) please go here for more information.

AL-KO 40E Comfort Electric Lawn mower (incl. mulch plug)
AL-KO 40E Comfort Electric Lawn mower (incl. mulch plug)


Our cheapest petrol mulching lawnmower is a Stiga 18 inch (45 cm) machine which comes with a five year manufacturer’s warranty and sells for just £249. Just remember that you need to have this machine serviced annually for warranty purposes. Having a five year warranty gives me great confidence in this mulching lawnmower.

Stiga Multiclip 47 Blue Push Mulching Lawn mower
Stiga Multiclip 47 Blue Push Mulching Lawn mower


On the other end of the scale, we have our most expensive walk behind mulching mower which sells for £899. You can see the Weibang Virtue 53 SMP Self-Propelled Mulching Mower here.

This is a machine that I have had experience with and a machine that I strongly recommend, it comes with a three year commercial warranty and five year domestic warranty which to me brings great peace of mind.

Weibang Virtue 53 SMP Self-Propelled Mulching Mower
Weibang Virtue 53 SMP Self-Propelled Mulching Mower


You can see the rest of our pedestrian mulching mowers here.

Now we come onto our out front ride on mulching lawn mowers, these machines are obviously in a different league, but the articulated steering system makes some of the most manoeuvrable ride on mowers on the market and no grass to collect either.

Here we have the AL-KO Solo FC 13-90.5 HD 2WD Front Deck Ride on Lawnmower selling at £3999 this machine comes with a five year domestic warranty which once again gives peace of mind to the owner.

AL-KO Solo FC 13-90.5 HD 2WD Front Deck Ride on Lawnmower
AL-KO Solo FC 13-90.5 HD 2WD Front Deck Ride on Lawnmower


Our top of the range out front four-wheel-drive ride on mulching mower is the Stiga Park Pro 740 IOX 4WD Out Front Deck Ride On Lawn mower, this is a great machine if you want something that’s going to last. It comes with a 10 year warranty which means the manufacturers have a huge confidence in their product.

Stiga Park Pro 740 IOX 4WD Out Front Deck Ride On Lawn mower
Stiga Park Pro 740 IOX 4WD Out Front Deck Ride On Lawn mower


You can see more similar ride on mulching lawn mowers here.

Please feel free to comment below. Hard