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Log Splitters

We have a large range of log splitters on our website starting from small domestic machines to commercial machines. A log splitter is an ideal machine to use if you are burning logs and want to make the job easy.

There are all different types of log splitters, ranging from tractor driven machines to portable petrol and diesel machines and the smaller domestic electric types. The majority of log splitters are powered by a hydraulic ram, other types include, PTO spiral log splitters and mechanical mechanisms.

My preferred type of wood splitter is the hydraulic type, these can be powered by a petrol, diesel, electric or power take-off, depending on the type of machine. I have used the spiral or corkscrew type of machine which does actually do a good job. However, I feel that great care has to be taken when using this type of machine. Large logs can quickly be snatched out of your hand before you know it.

There are many types of logs that are available, including; electric log splitters, hydraulic log splitters, tractor log splitters, vertical log splitters, horizontal log splitters and many more. My preferred type are the gas log splitter type.

Our biggest sellers are the electric log splitter type, followed closely by a hydraulic log splitter.

Another way to split logs is the old-fashioned bench-type circular saw, although this isn’t something that I would recommend. I have met too many people who have lost fingers from using this type of machine. Most of these machines were driven off the power take-off from an agricultural tractor. There were literally no safety measures in place for these circular saw benches. My suggestion is to avoid such machines!

For most people, a log splitter will be a time-saving device which is much quicker than the traditional splitting axe.

We regularly write features articles on our website about the various types of machines available. There really are some great labour-saving machines available like the range of Eastonmade log splitters.

We are here to help you make your choice of the right log splitter.

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